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In Zurich has over 30 private and public museums as well as a large number of art galleries representing art, archaeology, local history, crafts, and cultural heritage.

The Swiss National Museum

The Swiss National Museum is the largest museum in Zurich and probably Switzerland. The museum houses a vast collection of exhibits pertaining to the history of Switzerland in general, and Zurich in particular. Many exhibits in the museum are religiously themed portraying the strong Christian history of Switzerland. There is also an interesting display of various Swiss national costumes worn by the people of Switzerland at various periods in its history.
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Kunsthaus Zurich

With a remarkable art collection and with exhibitions generating vibrancy across nations the Kunsthaus Zurich attracts every year hundreds of of housands of visitors.
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Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zürich

This folklore museum of the Zurich university is located in the old boatic gardens – called „Park zur Katz“ – one of the most beautiful spots in downtown Zurich, encircled by the moat called Schanzengraben.  There is plenty of scope for an enjoyable learning experience in the temporary exhibitions,  the varied performances, the mysterious archives and a public library.
Pelikanstrasse 40

Museum Rietberg Zurich

The museum Rietberg is a museum for artworks from Asia, Africa and Oceania. It’s the one and only art museum in Switzerland for non-European cultures. It’s the third biggest museum in Zurich and ranks first as an enterprise run by the city itself. The Museum Rietberg consists of  several historical buildings such as the Villa Wesendonck, the Remise, the Park-Villa Rieter and the Villa Schoenberg.
Gablerstrasse 15

Centre Le Corbusier Zurich

The Centre Le Corbusier is a modern building and  - so to say – „Gesamtkunstwerk“ designed by the architect Le Corbusier in Zurich.Inside the Centre, the Heidi-Weber-Museum  is accommodated now  wherein  the  life and works of  Le Corbusier are documented. The works  in their entirety,  embracing architecture, interior decoration, painting and sculpture reflect in an unrivaled manner the various facets of the arts and the creative will of its originator.
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North America Native Museum

The NONAM, Nordamerika Native Museum for Native American and Inuit culture in Zurich is a folklore museum exhibiting the arts and the culture of the Northamerican indigenous Indian tribes  and of the Inuit. The present-day collection comprises nearly 2000 objects as well as a sumptuous collection of colored engravings of the legendary painter of  Native Americans, Karl Bodmer, to whom a special room is devoted in the museum. Beyond that, the museum possess a representative specialized library which can be used for the purpose of studies.

Cabaret Voltaire Zurich

The Cabaret Voltaire is the birthplace of Dadaism. Its rooms in the center of Zurich serve alternatively as club, showroom, tavern and theater. A vivid cultural venue aiming at crossing bridges from Dadaism to contemporary social and cultural drifts.
Spiegelgasse 1

The James Joyce Foundation

The James Joyce foundation in Zurich is dedicated to the life and works of the famous Irish poet and writer who died in 1941. James Joyce lived in Zurich during World War One and it was in Zurich that he wrote his most famous novel Ulysses. The James Joyce foundation is open to the public daily and exhibits include photographs, books and other literary works concerning the author and the time he spent living in Zurich Switzerland.

Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst Zurich

Ever since its foundation in the year 1996, the  Migros museum for contemporary arts considers itself to be the venue of  contemplative reflection as well as  of production. The exhibitions demonstrate history of art  as a floating process, open for revisal, amendment and variation.
Albisriederstrasse 199A

Museum Bellerive Zurich

The Museum Bellerive, which since 1968 accommodates the Museum fuer Gestaltung (meaning figuration) in Zurich, has made its mark across the board as museum for applied arts in the field of limited-lot and unique copy production. As venue for global communication the museum contributes with its art exhibitions to the intensive contest of  contemporary producing and the drifts of  modern design.
Höschgasse 3

Museum Strauhof Zurich

The museum Strauhof is located in the center of Zurich’s historic quaters called Niederdorf, not far from Zurich’s central shopping district, the Bahnhofstrasse. Its rooms still look more like rooms of a residential home yet  they’re quite convenient for temporary exhibitions relating to literary themes.
Augustinergasse 9

The Johan Jacobs Museum in Zurich

The Johann Jacobs Museum in Zurich is a museum that should definitely be visited by coffee lovers. This museum in Zurich is dedicated to the history of coffee and coffee production and features exhibits on how coffee has been grown, produced and exported throughout the ages.

Money Museum

Money Museum is one of the first currency museums that presents its coin collection – you will find numerous information about the history of western key currencies and traditional means of payment.
Hadlaubstrasse 106

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