Warsaw Restaurants

The Polish are passionate about what they eat and if you enjoy good food, there's an incredible variety of it on offer in Warsaw.

From Poland's national dish, bigos to local favourites such as Golbtsy to every tourist's favourite, Pierogi Dumplings - you're sure to find something that you like. Of course, you don't have to eat Polish, there are plenty of non-Polish restaurants in the City.


An intimate space with only nine tables, Roma delights customers with fresh pasta and meat dishes. In spite of the bijou cosy space and green plants in the big window, the atmosphere is more conducive to laughter and fun than a romantic evening out. There are two other Romas in Warsaw, but this was the first and it's the best. Reservations strongly suggested.
Ulica Grottgera 2

Living Room

A hip space, with muted colours and candlelight, on a stylish street, the Living Room caters, predominantly, to a lunch and late dinner and cocktail set. The menu is varied from meats to light salads, and they also have a juice bar serving fresh fruit and vegetable drinks. Dining alfresco is available in warm weather.
Ulica Foksal 18

Warsaw Tortilla Factory

What started as a mission to fill a gaping culinary hole in the mid-1990s resulted in a Tex-Mex institution, loved by expats and locals alike. The tortillas are indeed made in Poland and the burritos are both filling and scrumptious. Informal and friendly setting. It's likely to be the only place in Warsaw where you can choose how spicy you want your hot sauce to be.
Ulica Wilcza 46

Dom Polski

Located on the other side of the Vistula in Saska Kepa, Dom Polski, set in a large house, serves refined Polish food in a more formal setting, perfect for a group of visitors. The management pride themselves on offering a menu and atmosphere apt to satisfy the most picky of tastes. Lovely outdoor garden in the summer and live music often played on Sundays. Reservations suggested.
Ulica Francuska 11


This highly rated Warsaw restaurant is pleasantly placed on the banks of the Vistula River north of the Old Town. Its nautical theme extends not only to the décor but also the menu, where the range of Mediterranean dishes is largely dominated by Italian cuisine. In summer there's no better place to be than on Boathouse's large terrace, with a seafood platter, glass of wine and live jazz in the background.
Wal Miedzeszynski 389A

Co Tu

It's been hard going for Asian eateries in Warsaw's dining scene, but Co Tu has been making leaps and bounds in the popularity stakes with the city's young, artistic crowd. The fresh dishes that arrive steaming from the kitchen are the key to this tiny diner's success, there's an abundance of Vietnamese and Chinese dishes to choose from, and vegetarians are well catered for. Co Tu is hidden amongst a row of bars just off Ulica Nowy Aswiat.


The tradition of 'milk bars' ( bar mleczny ) in Poland is fading slowly, as it's no longer easy for the government to subsidise cheap food in prime locations that could make a lot more money. That said, places like Krokiecik fill in the gap, as it's best considered a tasty, clean, bright and modern 'milk bar', in spite of being privately owned. Self-service allows you to choose from an array of home-cooked Polish food.
Ulica Zgoda 1


Another of Warsaw's surviving 'milk bars', this time located in a line of sex shops and liquor stores. Don't let the neighbourhood put you off though; many suits dine here on a regular basis. Why? Because there's no beating the price, quick service and exceptional home-cooked Polish and European dishes. Smiles and warm welcomes however are not Qllinarnia's strong points. Ulica Zielna 5 No telephone.

Coffee Karma

This popular café overlooks Warsaw's circular Plac Zbawiciela, one of the few remnants of Socialist architecture. Its coffee is strong, its smoothies creamy and thick, and its light snacks run the gamut from healthy sandwiches to home-made cakes and cookies. Take a pew inside on winter days or grab a table outdoors in the warm summer months.
Plac Zbawiciela 3/5

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