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Public transport in Warsaw looks at first sight a little bit confusing, but don’t worry, you’ll get very soon used to it and then you will appreciate the system of busses, tramways and the underground.

Because Warsaw is known to have terrible traffic congestion, it makes sense to use public transport while in the city.  Available modes of mass transit in Warsaw include buses, the metro, and streetcars.

City transport:

The city's bus system is extensive with over 1,500 buses in service on nearly 200 separate routes. The buses are inexpensive and schedules can be obtained at Warsaw's Central Bus Station which is located next to its Central Metro Station.There are 2 tourist lines operating in Warsaw: 100 and 180 giving you the great opportunity to visit the most important places.

Streetcar and trolleybus service is also extensive in the city and makes up for any gaps there may be in the bus lines.  While the metro, the city's newest form of public transport having opened in 1995, is still under construction as it currently consists of only one North-South line which links the central city to its suburbs. Trains run every 3-4 minutes during peak hours, and every 4-10 minutes outside peak hours.


Going by underground is the fastest way to come from one point to another in Warsaw, but there is only one line, crossing Warsaw from the north to the south.


There is a well-developed net of tramway-lines in the more central parts of Warsaw.


Busses are going through the whole town, also to districts which are far from the centre.

There are different types of busses. Special busses are recognizable by their bus-number:

- all busses with a number from 500 till 599 are going fast, only stopping on the important stations.

- the same system works with express-busses, which have the letter “E” in front of the number.

- there are busses, which drive by the most attractive sites in Warsaw. They go not as fast as other busses, but have descriptions of the most famous buildings along the way written inside. There is no special fee to pay, because they work as normal busses, too. They have the number 100 or 180.

- There is one bus going to from the city centre to the airport: number 175.

Public transport at night

Day lines run between 5 a.m. – 11 p.m. Night lines run within the remaining hours. Organisation of public transport at night differs from its standard arrangement. The basic connections make up a network of lines joining remote districts with the centre, serviced every 30 or 60 minutes. The routes communicate at stops by the Dworzec Centralny station (Central Railway Station) which enables passengers to change the line. Buses depart 15 and 45 minutes after each full hour.

Ticket zones

The conurbation area served by ZTM lines is divided into two tariff zones marked as 1 and 2. The first zone (1) encompasses the territory within the borders of Warsaw, and the second one (2) - locations outside the borders of Warsaw.

Luggage or animal

Passengers may transport their luggage or animals for free in all vehicle operated on ZTM lines. Luggage may not obstruct passageways, expose other passengers to damage or dirt, or pose any threat to passengers’ safety. It is not allowed to place luggage or animals on passengers’ seats.

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