Vienna Design Week

From 30 September to 9 October, ‘design’ will become a central theme in Vienna. The ten-day festival is made up of numerous events throughout the city and offers new takes on the subject.

The Vienna Design Week will turn the whole of Vienna into a showroom for design. In cooperation with the Vienna Museums, manufacturing enterprises, designers from around the world and this year's host country, Poland , the festival will present very different approaches to the subject in over 100 events, exhibitions, installations, talks and discussions and it will offer ample opportunity for celebration.


Each year, the "Paths of passion" constitute the central element of the Vienna Design Week : Selected designers are invited to work with modern and traditional Viennese businesses in an experimental and playful manner. This year, the designers worked with the hat manufacturer Muehlbauer, Tostmann traditional costumes, the glassware specialists Lobmeyr and the silverware designer Wiener Silbermanufactur. The results can be viewed during a tour of the enterprises. The central aims of the Vienna Design Week include making the production processes more visible and promoting experimental work on site.

The 2nd district - between Taborstrasse and Volkermarkt - will be one of the centre stages of the Vienna Design Week and the Paths of Passion this year. The district is also home to the festival info point at the Stilwerk design center in the stunning Jean Nouvel tower.

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