Vienna caffees

Vienna’s caffees - ranging from the typical Viennese tavern to the luxurious gourmet temple - offer the entire spectrum of regional and international delights to please the palate.

Cafe Hawelka: And Franz Kafka is still sitting there...

Once you step inside, you see all those lovely pictures on the walls that make you feel like you are in your house, in your bedroom. The picture that will catch your attention is the one depicting the owner and his wife. It is a historical cofffehouse since it has survived the bombings and destruction of the Second World War. It is all vintage inside, all brown and wooden, very cosy, very warm.
Dorotheergasse 6

Sacher Cafe: History on the plate

Cafe Sacher lead the wet folk coming in towards the cloak room politely, then seated at a frilly station all in pink. The service was professional to a Tee, and we enjoyed some potato/wild mushroom/bacon soup, some fresh sausages that looked like big hot dogs, and of course the Sacher torte and a slice of the house Spice Cake as well. The hot soup was perfect for this rainy day in Vienna, and sharing the desserts made the meal complete.
Philharmonikerstrasse 4

The world famous Sacher cake: For its fame the Café Sacher should thank the masterpiece of Franz Sacher however it belongs to the truth at the same time that the numberless imitation of the cake and the well-known Demel-Sacher debate contributed to this in a considerable measure. Guest was many politicians starting from Kofi Annan through J. F. Kennedy to Elizabeth II., and the artists' list is also most distinguished: John Lennon, Herbert von Karajan, Leonard Bernstein, Sharon Stone...

Restaurant Café Landtmann: Elegant Coffee House

You should give Café Landtmann a try if you want to have a genuine Viennese coffee house experience. The Café Landtmann is an elegant coffee house and it has been in business since 1873. It is located next to the Burgtheater on the Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring road. Café Landtmann serves quite a large variety of beverages and different versions of coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well as excellent quality cakes and sweets. They also serve superb warm Viennese dishes. Recently they have added a Wintergarden (a glass-enclosed outdoor seating area) next to the Restaurant. If you can get a table there, it is wonderful to have hot coffee on a cold winter's day, while sitting in the Wintergarden room and watching snow falling gently around you. Fantastic experience!
Dr. Karl Lueger Ring 4

Favorite Dish: Salon Einspänner = double espresso in a special glass, topped with whipped cream.
Großer Mokka / Großer Brauner = Double espresso black or with milk
Wiener Melange = Half espresso, half hot frothy milk
Franziskaner = Half espresso, half hot frothy milk, topped with whipped cream
Heisse Schokolade mit Schlagobers = Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Oma’s Schokohäferl = Double cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
Wiener Schokolade = Hot chocolate with rum and whipped cream
Schokolade "Schönbrunn" = Hot chocolate with Cointreau & whipped cream

Hollmann Salon: Lovely Food : An Oasis of Quiet

Hollmann is located in a quite courtyard in the center of Vienna... While only a few blocks away throngs of tourists thread their ways through the streets of the historic center of town , Holmann may as well be miles away tucked away as it is in its quiet courtyard. On the the occasion we had lunch we sat outside as it was a beautiful sunny day. The service was prompt and pleasant with the waitresses dressed in the traditional black skirts and white aprons of the Viennese cafe. While the garb may be traditional the decour is sleek , modern yet comfortable and totally unpretentious. The menu is not a long one but focuses on quality and seasonal offerings. The food (light Austrian :Euro fusuion)is prepared with care and skill and excellent Austrian wines can be ordered by the glass. The laid back feel, the excellent cooking and warm service make for a memorable meal in this very nice and unpretentious restaurant.

Favorite Dish: The roast pork served with herbs and and creamy smooth cheesy polenta was amazing.. Tender , moist and flavourful .. The celeriac soup with fluffy cheese filled dumplings was also amazing.. ALL the food is light and fresh..a nice contrast the heavy , fried foods so many places offer up as classic Austrian cooking. The wines by the glass offer a chance to explore some fine offerings from Austrian vineyards.. some of the reds being surprisingly good if you have not had the chance to try them...
Heilligenkreutzhof Grashofgasse 3

Le bol: On parle Francais

Le bol is a small café-bistro which is located in a nice baroque style building in the first district. You can choose between soups, baguettes, salads, quiches and various dessert. The food tastes quite good, the atmosphere is nice, though in my eyes it is more suitable for having lunch than dinner. It is one of the few restaurants (to be precise, the only one aside from Mc Donald`s) I know in Vienna where smoking is completely forbidden. Staff is bilingual. They speak German and are native French speakers as well. Unfortunately the service is rather slow. In addition they ignored our reservation, the explanation the waitress gave us was, that we were 4 minutes too late and we had reserved only about an hour before we came there. Consequently it is highly recommended to reserve on one hand as early as possible and on the other hand to be super punctual if you want to have a table of your own. At least she offered us a free coffee. People there are a mix between business people, students and tourists. They sell french sweets and vine as well.
Neuer Markt 14

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