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Postojna Cave is a network of 20 kilometres of passages, galleries and chambers into which experienced guides have accompanied more than 31 million visitors in the last 188 years.

Step out of the sun and enter the mysterious and fascinating Postojna Caves Slovenia underworld. 20 kilometres of passageways are waiting to be explored. The electric railway carries you deep underground, after which your expert guided tour begins. With over 30 million tourists since 1819 the Postojna Caves are among the most famous and most visited caves in the world. The cave system is a unique habitat and the only home in the world for the ‘human fish’. Your tour of the caves is an easy walk and no special equipment is required. The year-round temperature is only 8° C, so dress warmly.

Many guests like to make their trip to Postojna a full day out by including a visit to the nearby Predjama Castle. Only this dramatic setting could do justice to the fantastic tale of Erasmus, Slovenia’s finest knight. Long ago, the Slovenian Robin Hood was under siege for many months in his home Predjama. Little known to the besiegers, a tunnel connected this magnificent castle to the outside world, through which Erasmus obtained supplies. He mocked his enemies by throwing meat and cherries from the battlements. Sadly, he was finally given away by a traitorous servant and killed by cannon fire.

Vivarium Proteus

The Postojna Cave is one of the present day's most important show caves in the world. It is also number one among sights which attract the largest numbers of visitors in both Slovenia and in the Alps-Adriatic Region. This enviable reputation has been earned by a number of past discoveries, over 200 years of its development and promotion and last but not least its numerous outstanding features which can in addition to stalagmites and stalactites only be seen in the Postojna Cave. These unique features create unforgettable experiences and stories which all visitors get very enthusiastic about. All of this makes the Postojna cave a must-visit tourist attraction! Numerous books, articles and other features have been written about it. Alone of guidebooks almost 100 have been written in the course of 200 years, the most recent one in 2007 by a distinguished scholar Prof. Andrej Kranjc, PhD, et al. Also available in the souvenir shop is a beautifully designed pictorial by the historian Alenka ÄŚuk, which was published in 2008, 190 years after the inner sections of the cave had been discovered.

Mere 100 m from the entrance into the Postojna Cave visitors can enter the beautifully calcified Passage of New Signatures, where it is possible to see live specimens of the cave fauna. Close by, a speleo-biological laboratory can also be seen, where various measurements and observations of the underground world are conducted. The 220-meter long passage is part of the Postojna Cave system and runs 20-30 meters below the surface. On the north side it opens into the Old Cave, while the south side has been buried under debris. As it was easily accessible from the Old Cave, some prominent visitors in the 19th century were allowed to sign their names on the walls. In 1931, a speleobiological station was set up in the passage. In 2002, the sediments blocking the old entrance to the passage were removed and Vivarium Proteus was set up.

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