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In Slovenia there are dozens of castles stand on hilltops, including many that have been renovated and converted into museums, so they are worth visiting just for the fine views.

The attractiveness of Slovenia’s castles is demonstrated by the fact that four of them are among the ten most visited tourist attractions in Slovenia. Bled Castle is popular for its exceptional views of Lake Bled and the surrounding mountains, Ljubljana Castle and its viewing tower reign over the capital city, while Predjama Castle, which is built into the rock and linked to underground caverns, is quite special among the world’s castles. And after touring the Old Castle in Celje, there are still many fine castles to visit in Slovenia.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is for sure one of the most interesting castles in Slovenia if not most interesting. It is located about 10 km from Postojna Cave so you can join both trips together and also get some price discount. In the castle are many floors open for visitors and it is really interesting to discover all the passages. On the top floor is also passage to the cave behind the castle. If you like old castles then visit of Prejama Castle is must see!

Just 10 kilometres from Postojna Cave stands one of the most picturesque wonders of human history: Predjama Castle. For more than 700 years it has perched proudly on its 123-metre cliff: powerful, defiant and impregnable – the perfect hideout for the bold, headstrong and rebellious knight Erazem of  Predjama, a “robber baron” who is the subject of a romantic and beautiful legend. This legend is recalled today by Erazem’s Tunnel, along which the bravest visitors may still ascend.


Brezice is city near Croatia border. It has interesting old town centre where you can't miss Aqueduct Tower and Brezice Castle. Inside castle is great museum named Posavski museum with many different collections. You will be very amazed with Knights' Hall that looks really great with illusionist paintings. Similar paintings are also on staircase.

Skofja Loka castle

Old town core is consisted from Upper - Town square called Plac and Lower square called Lontrg both dominated by the Castle of Škofja Loka which bids the visitors welcome at the entrance to the town. It must have been built before the year 1202 because it was described as very firm in the document from the same year. The castle was built by the bishops of Freising and it was the place of administrator of the Loka dominion and of the granary-administrator.

Tivoli mansion, Ljubljana

Situated in the very heart of Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, the Tivoli Mansion is the seat of the International Centre of Graphic Arts with its vivid programme of contemporary arts exhibitions, fine art printing centre, children's workshops, and a café with a beautiful view over the terrace. The mansion serves also as the main venue for the internationally acclaimed Biennial of Graphic Arts, established in 1955. Every 3rd Saturday in June the park attracts numerous visitors during the traditional "Museum Night" event.

Metlika castle

Surrounded by vineyard hills of Bela Krajina in Southern Slovenia, Metlika Castle stands in a quiet town in the heart of Bela krajina. It appears today as a widely sprawling several-story complex with a pentagonal ground plan. We enter it through a three-story entrance tower that opens into a spacious arcaded inner courtyard. The castle, which originally had entirely the character of a medieval fortress, later acquired the appearance of a comfortable residence, particularly after the renovations that followed major fires in 1705 and 1790.

Old Castle Celje

Old Castle Celje is located on castle hill above city Celje. You can walk to the castle by Pelikan's path or if you are more lazy you can also park a car just near the the Old Castle. Inside the castle you can walk around by yourself, see castle walls, different towers, wedding room, scriptorioum, etc. You can enjoy in a wonderful view on Celje and its neighbourhood. In summer you can attend some performances and concerts inside the castle walls. There is also coffeehouse. The maintenance and repair of the walls of Celje Castle is the oldest continuous action of renovation in Slovenia.

Pleterje Carthusian Monastery

The only operating Carthusian Monastery in Slovenia is in the valley at the foot of Gorjanci. It was founded by Herman II, Count of Celje in 1407. It was later sacked by the Turks, and then rebuilt with strong fortifications by the monks. It is surrounded by a three metre high and 2800 metre long wall. The monastery belonged to the Jesuit

Order from 1595 to 1773. It later became the property of the state but was regained by the Carthusian order in 1899.

Sneznik Castle

Sneznik Castle is one of the most attractive castles in Slovenia especially if we look only inside part of the castle. In all castle rooms you can still see original furniture so the walk through the castle is like to go in the past. You can walk also around the castle where you can enjoy in view of the castle from all directions. Near the castle is also pond that makes all scene even more attractive.

Castle Velenje

Castle Velenje is located just above Velenje that is 5th biggest city in Slovenia. So there is no problem to park near Red Hall below the castle and take the short walk upstairs near ski jump. So you can admire castle from different views and then you can enter also inside the caslte walls. From there is nice view of Velenje and around. I suggest you to visit museum that is inside the castle cause it is worth to see. You will see a lot of different collections that are really interesting. Anyway I have to mention room full of African masks that looks a little scary. Near Velenje it is nice to visit also Velenje lakes. There are nice trails around lakes.

It houses a museum with 10 permanent museum and gallery collections and periodical exhibitions. Of special interest are the African art collection donated by FranÄŤišek Foit, the collection of the contemporary Slovenian art - Gorenje, the history of the Šalek Valley – Middle Ages, the remains of a mastodon, reconstruction of the grocer's shop and the reconstruction of the old 'gostilna'.

Prem castle

A very compact and cozy castle in a sleepy medieval village of Prem situated on a hill top. The castle is a romatinc stop on the way from Postojna and its caves down to Rijeka in Croatia. The castles opens only its courtyard and it remains a secret what's hidden inside. There was noone in the village to help you with more information.

Situated just off the main road, an authentic restaurant "Kmecki turizmus" opens every weekends on the opposite hill, can be seen in a distance from the castle.

Zice Carthusian Monastery

The Carthusian Order, based in France, built its first monastery in a non-Roman land around the year 1160 in Žice. The first building of this type in Slovenia was built by the Styrian border count Otokar of the Traungau family. A church, monastical buildings, chapel, Otokar's tomb and graveyard for priors were constructed behind the fortified walls and defensive towers. The monastery reached its heyday in the 14th century and was for some time even the seat of the Carthusian General Priory.

The monks left the monastery during the Reformation, and it was finally abandoned in 1782 after many failed attempts at reviving it. Because of its special architecture, the Žice monastery is considered one of the most important European monasteries and is surely worthy of your visit.

Stanjel castle

The castles is a part of a fortified village of Stanjel, situated on a hill top. The wall around the houses was erected in the 15th century, to defend the Stanjel against the Turkish rides. The only and luxurious restaurant in the village is to be found in the castle's court yard. This is one of the most interesting villages in the Karst (Kras) region, situated on a wine route

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