Slovakia Dog-Sleigh Race

Slovakia Dog-Sleigh Race at Banska Bystrica is a very interesting event whose unique atmosphere reminds Alaska during the Gold rush, known especially from the novels by Jack London.

The Donovaly race is considered as the best quality race of this kind in Europe. Location: Banska Bystrica - The mountain village of Donovaly lies in 960 m of altitude and is surrounded by the Starohorské vrchy Mountains, the Low Tatra Mountains and the VeÄľká Fatra Mountains. It creates a very important mountain col in central Slovakia.


The first dog-sleigh race was organised here in December 1992 and it was called Velka Cena Donoval (The Grand Prix of Donovaly). It became popular immediately. It was gradually spread out and now it ranks among the events of world importance. Its quality was internationally recognised and as a matter of fact the European Championship and the World Championship were organised here twice in succession.

Various attractions, rich refreshments and, of course, a cultural programme in the country music style is also part of the race.

During the three days early in February, one can see almost every breed of Siberian dogs and experience the unique atmosphere.


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