Slovakia Dobrofest Trnava

Dobrofest Trnava is the only music festival dedicated to the inventor of the resophonic guitar, the native of Slovakia John Dopyera. Trnava country festival belongs among the greatest of its kind in the world.

Location: Okres Trnava, Trnava - During the first week of June, Trnava has been the centre of good music, dancing and good atmosphere since 1992. One can enjoy music directly in the Trinity Square of the oldest free royal town in Slovakia.


Every year, during a few days, the greatest stars from all over the world present themselves with a variety of music styles linked together by the tones of the resophonic guitar.

Trnava Dobro Museum

In Trnava, one can also find the only museum of resophonic instruments in the world - the Hall of Fame of Dobro.

What is Dobro Guitar?

Dobro is an acoustic guitar with a metal resonator built into its body. This resonator serves as an amplifier. In contrast to acoustic guitars, the placement of the resonator takes place of the sound hole. Dobros sound more like banjos than guitars, because of the effect created by the metal strings played over the metal plate.

The dobro was invented by John Dopyera in the early 1930s. Dopyera and his brother (DOpyera BROthers) struck out in the late 20s in search of a way to create a louder guitar. The brothers called their new company Dobro, which meant “good” in slovak language.

Source: Vydavatelstvo Dajama

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