Slovak Classical Music

Classical music has a steady place in the contemporary world of music, the most attractive being musicals and live concerts of the popular musicians and singers.

Several Slovak composers of classical music were internationally recognised in the past, Eugen Suchon, the author of the first Slovak national opera called Krutnava, or Jan Cikker, known for his numerous operas (Juro Janosik, Beg Bajazid and others) and compositions for the symphonic orchestra (Symphony c-minor, Hommage Beethoven and others).

Nowadays, classical music has a good background and perspective which is proved by the resulted of the creative work of the contemporary young composers who successfully take part in modern classic - Marian Varga, Norbert Bodnar and Peter Zagar... Classical music is gaining in popularity which is also due to the fact that it is represented by some of the internationally recognised musicians and singers, among them the opera soloists Peter Dvorsky and Edita Gruberova or the instrumental soloists like Bohdan Warchal or Dalibor Karvay.

The best-known bodies performing classical music are Slovenska Filharmonia (the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra), Slovensky komorny orchester (the Slovak Chamber Orchestra), Statna Filharmonia Kosice (the State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice) and Symfonicky orchester Sloenskeho rozhlasu (the Symphonic Orchestra of the Slovak Radio). Classical music keeps in touch with the music world through home and international festivals of classical music. There are a growing number of tourists who visit the opera and ballet performances of the Slovak National Theatre in Bratislava as well as other music performances within the summer Bratislava Castle Festival (Bratislavske hradne slavnosti), the September Bratislava Music Festival (Bratislavske hudobne slavnosti) or the international festival of contemporary music Melos-Elos.

Not only in Bratislava but also in other Slovak towns, several concerts of classical music are organised as parts of the cultural summer, whether they are open-air concerts or concerts held in historical places (Kosice, Nitra, Trencianske Teplice, Piestany, Trencin). Organ festivals, competitions of choirs and soloists, local festivals and performances, theatre shows - all these events keep classical music alive.

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