Sandor Petofi memorial Museum

Sandor Petofi, one of the greatest Hungarian poets and probably the greatest revolutionary poets visited this place several times and here made some of his greatest poems.

The house of the museum was built in 1823, the year of the birth of Petofi. It was built by Istvan Szucs, which is perceivable on a sign in the hallway down to the cellar. The building functioned as a living quarter until 1960. In this very year the teacher Lajos Szabo tried everything to have the building renovated. This enterprise was successful and since that time this little building serves as our museum.

Lajos Szabo was the great grandson of Lajos Szabo whose wife was Aunt Preci. She was acquainted with Petofi and she influenced the poet with kindness present in his poems.

The walls, the beams, the doors with the exception of one, even the roof of the building are all original. The house is not too high, it was built in accordance with the average height and the heating capacity of the period. The museum is made up of four wards. The largest contains the relics and copies in connection with Petofi and his family.

The bond with the original handwriting of Istvan Petrovics on it and his butcher meat chopper used to be in the museum, but they were moved to the Petofi Literal Museum. In a smaller ward copies of book covers of the poet are displayed. In the fourth ward furniture, tools, and equipment from the 1860`s and the following years are shown.
Domsod, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 6

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