Salon du Chocolat, Paris

The Salon du Chocolat is the not-to-be-missed event for those who whare a passion for this exceptional product;  the Salon is also dotted with special events, celebrations and performances.

Taking center stage every day is the Chocolate Fashion Show, an event that pairs the creative extravagance of chocolatiers with fashion stylists. Recognizable names like Jean-Paul Hévin, Arnaud Lahrer and Christophe Roussel will have their chocolated interpretations showcased against a baroque-burlesque backdrop in this delicious couture show.


Duos on the Table pairs famed Parisian pastry chefs with some of the great names in design to interpret the theme of the 7 Deadly Sins. Chocolatier Sadharu Aoki partners with the famed Maison Andrée Putnam, Arnaud Larher with jeweler Mellerio, Christophe Michalak with decorator Jean Oddes, and Jean-Paul Hevin partners with designers Nicolas Fafiotte and Sébastien Bouillet.

Culinary and media stars prepare their favorite chocolate recipes and share them with visitors at the Four Hand Pastry special event. With major stars of the chocolate world attending the event, the Chocolate Awards on October 20th are a main event. There’s also the Cocoa Show - with dance, songs and rituals celebrating all that’s unique about chocolate culture - along with a Chocolate Bookshop, demonstrations and workshops. Children ages 4 to 10 even have their own ChocoLand, where they can create their own chocolate dreams.


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