Rome Science Festival

The Science Festival in Rome is an annual event which gathers scientists, physicians and astronomers. They come each year to the annual Science Festival to find out about what is new in science.

If you are passionate of science, you should be part of the Science Festival.


Rome Science Festival maybe answers some questions like - during the thousand years of history mankind has always shown great interest in the "end of the world" Revelation, the final catharsis. In the myths, religions and different forms of art, always and everywhere men have shown signs of a strong belief that one day the time will end, often accompanied by uncertainties and fears aroused by such an image. But beyond the stories and suggestions that disturb and invade the collective imagination, what do we really know the end of the human species and the planet that hosts it - It 'near or far from us? And most importantly, how much should we worry?

Starting from the explanations proposed probabilistic in the 80s by cosmologist Brandon Carter, known as the doomsday argument, the Festival of Science will launch a reflection on the possibility that the end of humanity may be closer than we think or expect. The human species, still quite young according to the evolutionary parameters, in this period has sparked a cultural evolution and rapid technological and potentially out of control. The Festival of Science in Rome will address the issue as always from the perspective of most advanced science, bringing together the great names of Italian and international scientific research but also writers, philosophers and historians of science, observers and experts to understand and discuss, not without a some healthy dose of irony, what we really know about the final sunset that awaits us. The Festival will try to shed light on the evidence coming from the world of research and the prediction that we can extrapolate and infer from them.

To accompany the discussion of possible causes, other meetings will address the ethical and philosophical aspects of the problem, not to mention a more psychological point of view, because the end of the world is so deeply rooted in our imagination, to the point that just a rumor on a sci-fi possible black hole produced by the experiment at CERN in Geneva to fill the pages of the newspaper...

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