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Some features of African art and culture are not well-known all around the world, and when we think about the black continent our mind goes from its exotic landscapes, to its rhythms and specific colours.

However, contemporary African art and culture are definitely worth being known and supported, both for their aesthetic value and because they give us the possibility to discover another point of view and a different world view. If you want to learn all about the intriguing world of Africa and its many cultures, then the African Festival in the Italian capital of Rome, Italy, will be the place to do so. With many politicians there, this festival will show you some of the best documentaries, most important conferences, theater performances, dance and music- all coming from different parts of the African continent. So make sure to learn all that you can, and maybe the next stop will be Africa itself. Ranging from the top of Egypt to perhaps the Cape of good hope in South Africa and beyond, don't miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.


Theater, music, dances alternate onstage as a space for identity and many more different faces of Africa, but in four days of the event can also participate in conferences, such as opening entitled "Immigration Citizenship"; see films ("You" world Camilla Ruggiero and "Brothers of Italy" by Branko Schmidt, adolescent immigrants in our country) to see a piece of theater in Arabic, staged by a Tunisian company, with Evelina Meghnagi music, listen to a chorus of six voices that speak languages that have similarities with Calabrian dialects of other regions, and more.

The final is entrusted to "Keur Senegal, Senegalese festival during the 50 years of democracy in the country, with dancers, acrobats, musicians and percussionist Mbaye Sema. In addition to performances that help to circulate about the African continent, the festival also has the merit of providing new employment opportunities for young artists, technicians, specialists in art or study.

The festival is held with the prize of membership and representation of the Italian President, with the patronage of the Senate, House of Deputies, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Cultural Heritage, Ministry for Equal Opportunity, the Italian Commission - UNESCO, Embassy of Senegal and Tunisia and with the support of the Culture of the Municipality of Rome.
Palladium Theatre-University of Rome

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