Recreatrion in Slovakia

Football, ice hockey, skiing and tennis are the most popular sports in Slovakia.

Other forms of recreation include walking, camping, swimming, and attending local festivals, cinemas, cultural events and art exhibitions.

Slovaks take special pride in their folk music and sing with enthusiasm at gatherings; the saying Kde Slovak, tam spev means "Wherever there is a Slovak, there is a song". Folk art is also appreciated and is often given to foreign visitors as a gift. It is available mostly in specialist shops, because few people carry on the old traditions of embroidery and woodcarving.

Many Slovaks spend weekends or vacations in the Tatra Mountains, at health spas, or in the countryside. Increasing numbers are now travelling to other countries in Europe.

Impromptu visits are common among family and close friends, although the working day starts early, so most visits conclude before 11pm. Refreshments are usually offered to visitors, and it is courteous to politely decline the offer before eventually accepting. When invited to someone’s home it is customary to bring a bottle of alcohol or an odd number of flowers, which are presented unwrapped. Guests are expected to remove hats and sometimes their shoes (slippers may be provided) upon entering a home.

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