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Prague has one of the best public transportation systems in Europe. The metro, trams and buses are used by two-thirds of Prague's population and cover the majority of the city and outskirts.

Especially the metro makes getting around town a breeze since it enables you to cover long distances in a matter of minutes. If you can't continue to your destination on foot, you'll be able to catch a tram or bus from near the subway station.      

Prague Tram & Bus Stop SignIf you are flying into Prague, your first concern probably is how to get to your destination from the airport. The Airport - Downtown section is a good one to read.

To move around town, we recommend using public transport over driving or taking a taxi. The traffic situation in the city center has become pretty bad in the past decade and not many good things can be said about Prague taxi drivers either. If you do need to drive or take a cab, read the Parking and Taking a Taxi pages.

If you're going to be staying in Prague for a few days, you may want to buy a tourist pass that will enable you to use any type of mass transit as many times as you want within the time period for which your pass is valid. A complete list of passes and other ticket information is provided in Tickets & Passes.

Fare Zones

Visitors to Prague don't need to worry about fare zones as the standard Prague tariff includes all metro, bus and tram services, as well as services right out into the suburbs, including the airport. You only need to pay extra if you are travelling beyond the immediate suburbs of Prague into the surrounding country area.

  • The underground operates from 5.00am until midnight.
  • Trams and buses run from 4.30am until 12.15am with very limited night service.

Public Transport Tickets

The Prague public transport system uses two types of tickets – short ride tickets and long ride tickets. Tickets can be bought from ticket machines (which give instructions in English and supply change) at all metro stations and newsagents. A ticket must be validated (punched) at the entrance to the underground station and on the tram/bus to mark the start of the validation period. Spot plain-clothes inspectors are frequent and will issue an on-the-spot fine of 700 CZK to anyone caught without a valid ticket or pass; controllers should show you their ID (a small metal disc) and give you a receipt. Tourists are famous targets as many tourists don't know the fact that they have to validate a ticket.

Tickets can be used on any type of public transportation and allow transfers between lines (subway to subway, tram to tram, etc.) and types of transport (subway to tram, tram to bus, etc.) for up to 30 minutes from validation for short ride tickets and 90 minutes for long ride tickets. Tickets are also valid on night trams and buses and on the PetĹ™ín funicular.

Automatic Ticket Machines

You can buy transport tickets at designated ticket sellers (including newsagents and hotel receptions) or at the automatic ticket machines located in each metro station. The ticket machines, and tickets themselves, may vary in design and colour, but they are still applicable to all forms of transport. The machine offers all types of tickets.

SMS Ticket

You don't need to buy classic paper tickets when using public transport in Prague. All you have to do is text from your mobile. Send an SMS to 90206 with subject DPT32. Wait a few seconds - sometimes it can take up to one minute - and your ticket will arrive (subject to your mobile credit balance). When you meet a controller, you just show him your display with your ticket number. The price is the same as for ordinary paper tickets, 32 CZK, and is valid for 90 minutes. Ticket can be ordered only using a local sim card (from a Czech operator). Below you will find a listing of all tickets which can be bought from your mobile.

Ticket Validation & Inspection

The public transport operates on the honor system: you are assumed to have a ticket. All tickets must be validated which means that you must insert them into the yellow stamping machine inside trams and buses or at the metro stations when you first use it. Tickets do not need to be re-validate when transferring services or starting a new journey within the validity period.

Free transport

Children from six to 15 years and seniors from 65 to 70 years, who are holders of the opencard, travel in the Prague area free of charge.

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