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The Czech national hockey team has been quite successful in the past decade and is still the best hockey team on the world, with Olympic gold medal in Nagano in 1998 by defeating the Russians in the final.

The team then went on to win the World Championship in three consecutive years, 1999, 2000, 2001, and again in 2005. In 2006 they reached the final but lost to Sweden. Prague's two big hockey teams are HC Sparta Praha and HC Slavia Praha. Good young players from both teams are often lured away by the promise of big money in the NHL. Sparta plays at the new, modern Arena at Vystaviste in Holesovice. The ice hockey season runs from September to April.

prague is full of fun and activities. But what happens when you have seen the famous Astronomical Clock strike hourly in an attempt to catch one of the most exciting tourist spots in the city about three times? Real life sets in and if you are in Prague longer than the average tourist, then real needs become apparent. Prague offers a good selection of gyms, a few swimming pools and aqua parks, parks with jogging and cycling paths, various sporting facilities, numerous dance centers and even horse stables for that horseback riding lesson you keep meaning to take.


The Czech Republic is a beautiful country full of rolling meadows, glorious mountaintops, whimsical castles and picturesque villages. What more could one need? The sea! In a landlocked country one can sometimes feel a bit trapped or claustrophobic, and you could miss the relaxation and mental clarity that comes along with swimming or floating in the sea or a large body of water. Prague has the curving Vltava River, but like all rivers by large cities, it is not suitable for swimming. Prague offers good indoor-outdoor swimming pools, a few aqua parks and manmade reservoirs for swimming.


If you are enthusiastic about riding a bicycle why not rent a bike in Prague? If you wish to explore the city by alternative means instead of by bus, walking or metro, you can always opt for a bicycle tour or rent a bike in Prague. The city of Prague is a beautiful town to explore by bike plus the fabled Vltava River has an extensive biking path that stretches for miles, which makes it easy, convenient and scenic to escape the hustle and bustle of the city if you so wish. All of the bike tours in Prague and bike rental establishments in Prague stress safety at all times while riding a bicycle in the Czech Republic in order to keep you safe. It is Czech law that children under the age of 15 must wear a bicycle helmet at all times while it is recommended for adults to wear a bicycle helmet as well. Have a look at our recommended Prague bike tours and bicycle rentals in Prague listed below. All of our reviews are complete with descriptions, photos, contact information and maps. Furthermore the trend of touring European cities with Segway PT (personal transporters) has also flourished in Prague. If you wish to see Prague on a Segway, simply have a look at the Segway Prague tour review listed below.


Tennis is another sport that the Czechs perform well in, having produced excellent players such as Martina Navratilova, Jan Kodes, Ivan Lendl, Petr Korda, Hana Mandlikova, Jana Novotna, Cyril Suk, and Nicole Vaidisova. Every May the Czech Tennis Club on Stvanice Island hosts the Prague Open . If you have not tried it yet or are on the contrary an experienced player we are offering to you here outdoor tennis courts in Prague, as well as indoor courts where you can play this sport in any weather. Tennis courts in Prague are presented here with short descriptions, photographs, contact information and maps for your better orientation. All you need to do is choose the tennis courts that correspond best to your ideas with their offer of services, premises and location and then all there is left is to find a suitable opponent. Many tennis clubs in Prague also offer services of experienced tennis coaches in which you may want to invest your money if you want to play tennis at a reasonable level and master basic tennis shots without major problems.

Boat rentals

Without any doubt, the nicest view of Prague is from the river. Invite your partner, friends or family for boating on the Vltava river. It´s a really nice thing to do and we would recommend it to everyone who wants to take a break from walking around the city but at the same time wants to do something new and exciting. You can rent a pedal-boat or a rowing boat, whatever you prefer. There are even some boats looking like a swan for a rent.


Offering more than 10 000 m2 of exciting playground to conquer, defend, infiltrate, secure in exhilarating sessions with your friends or workmates on the premises of a former military air defense base in the vicinity of Prague. Authentic setting with combined outdoor and indoor underground locations. Top of the line guns and protective gear are privided.


The lovely and hilly country of the Czech Republic has many beautiful golf courses, centers and clubs. These professional golf courses with top quality facilities are situated nearby gorgeous lush forests, historic castles or chateaux and are easily accessible from major highways that connect to the capital city of Prague. Have a look at our golf section and start planning your perfect day on the greens!

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