Prague Cafes

Cafés in Prague are very popular. There are many good cafés, fully stocked and ready to be explored by tourists, expats and local clientele with its charming ambient.

Café Slavia

The famous Grand Café Slavia across from the National Theatre opened in 1881 and became a meeting place of artists and intellectuals, including former president Václav Havel who was a frequent customer during his dissident years. The café was closed in 1991 due to ownership issues and reopened six years later, having been restored to its 1930s Art Deco look that gives it a lot of personality. Café Slavia is a very pleasant place to have coffee and dessert (try the palaÄŤinky) or to warm up with grog or hot chocolate, which are made to perfection here. If you find space, get a table by the riverside windows to enjoy beautiful views of the Prague Castle.

Café Montmartre

Founded in 1911, the café Montmartre in Prague, better known among locals by the name “cabaret Montmartre”, still welcomes guests day and night in a building called U tĹ™ech divých (House at the Three Savages). Once frequented fequently visted Czech and German writers like Max Brod, Franz Kafka and Jaroslav Hašek, today it is a splendidly restored central hideaway barely noticed by tourists.

Café Louvre      

An elegant, spacious and airy Art Nouveau café on Národní, established in 1902 and visited by such customers as Kafka, ÄŚapek, or Einstein. The café was closed during communism for its "bourgeois" character and was reopened in 1992. This is a great place to meet with friends for coffee or tea, or to have breakfast, lunch or dinner (vegetarian meals included). There is a nice size non-smoking room and a separate billiard room.

Café Milena

Opened and driven by the society of Franz Kafka's friends, this café is named after a friend of Franz Kafka, the translator Milena Jesenka. Milena was one of the lovers Franz Kafka never had the courage to propose to. You can read the daily papers, and choose from a variety of light dishes and desserts. The prices for coffee and alcoholic beverages are fair considering the location - view to the Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square.

Café Savoy

Spacious and unhurried, this elegant café at the edge of Mala Strana is rarely troubled by tourist overload and makes a good refuge from the hustle and bustle of the town center. A small fountain at the entrance adds a touch of class and the lofty, extravagantly decorated 19th-century ceiling adds real character to this century-old room. The usual coffees and sweets (including a superb apple strudel) are complemented by a small drinks list and a few offerings for those wanting a salad or a full meal.

Kavárna Obecní dĹŻm

One of the most beautiful cafés in Prague, designed in the Art Nouveau style with high ceilings, large windows, mirrors and gorgeous crystal chandeliers. A large selection of coffees, teas, drinks, salads, light meals, sandwiches, and desserts including home-made cakes. Breakfast served from 7:30 a.m. Piano music every night. Internet access.

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