Prague Brewery Tour

Prague has some fine pubs with their own breweries attached. These produce a variety of fresh, delicious beers from light pilsners to dark, spicy ales.

Prague Brewery Tour visits the three best pub breweries in the city, including the most historic, to taste the beer brewed on the premises, and to soak up the long tradition of brewing in the Golden City. The meeting is at bar in the heart of the Old Town in Prague, where Beer Master and guide for the afternoon starts off with a welcome beer and a brief explanation of the days events. Then, tourists take a short tram ride to the first pub brewery, which lines up 7 different beers for us to sample. Beers range from a light and a dark unpasteurised lager, to German Weizen beer and a sour cherry beer. With so many beers to taste, nextstation is traditional Czech pub snacks like cheese and sausages to accompany the drinks.

Next, to clear your heads with a 10 minute walk to the grand U Fleku Beer Hall & Brewery. In this historic setting tourists try the in-house brew, Fleks Dark Lager 13%. This is made from water, hops and four kinds of barley malt with the help of brewing yeast. Our final port of call is an old Czech pub brewery in the Old Town that has retained its traditional atmosphere, and is often packed with local Prague people. Here tourists can order a semi-dark amber beer, brewed at 13 degrees. This is a yeast beer, a rare subspecies of Czech Pilsner that has fresh yeast added after fermentation. The extra yeast makes the beer crisp and vibrant. Unpasteurised beers do not travel well, so are best consumed right where they are brewed.

Prague Brewery Tour is open to all ages from 18-80 years old and is paced to the participants of the tour. The tour is not a mad drinking binge, although there is certainly a lot of beer involved. Participants taste many types of beer, learn some interesting history, and gain an appreciation of why the Czech Republic considers itself the premium beer brewing nation.

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