Prague Beer Festival

Czech beer festival in Prague is traditional, with a great selection of local breweries, Czech food and live music. Not to miss it if you are in Prague during the period of the Czech beer festival.

The location will be full of seperate beer tents, all offering over 50 different types of beers from many large and micro breweries from all over the Czech Republic. There is a special currency for paying for beers called the Tolar. The Tolar can not be sold back for cash at the end, it can also be used to buy food, souveniers etc. These Tolars you can buy from one of the many girls in national costumes.


Each beer tent will have its own entertainment, they will have food on sale, mostly typical Czech cuisine, but also a selection of International cuisine. There are live bands blasting out all the local hits, creating one big party atmosphere.

The Czech Beer Festival has steadily grown over the past years, both in the numbers of visitors and beers. This year, the facility of the Prague-Letňany airfield is designed to cater to up to 180,000 beer lovers in five different tents with more than 150 brands of liquid bread, Czech culinary specialties, live music and a staff of 200 young ladies in folk costumes. The three-week festival's popularity is based partly on a model that contrasts Oktoberfest, where only Munich beers are served: there will be a wide range of beers from all over the country, including increasingly popular microbrews. Other popular local breweries like Svijany that rely on word-of-mouth promotion, rather than advertising, praise ČPF for the potential it offers to connect with new consumers.

The Czech nation is oversaturated with classic beers, and people want to taste beers from smaller breweries. The popularity of microbreweries is on the rise, but it is important for us to participate in festivals like this to reach even higher public awareness, With such a variety of beer on offer, the Czech Beer Festival will expand the palette of local beer drinkers, who adds that the festival is most significant because it reminds consumers that beer can taste differently than a cooled cheap lager from the fridge.
Klára JiĹ™iÄŤná

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