Paris Museum Pass

Once you’ve bought your Paris Pass you don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.

Paris is one of the most spectacular and beautiful cities in the world containing a wealth of history and culture. With countless art galleries, scores of top museums and stunning historical monuments sightseeing in Paris can be a real adventure. The Paris Museum Pass is widely available in Paris.

The pass comes in 2,4 and 6 day options.

If visiting museums and art galleries is a main reason to visit Paris then do check out getting one. As well as saving money, you can skip the ticket queues of the main venues and for vast places like The Louvre you can come back and take in the exhibits in bite size chunks.

The Paris Pass is your one stop shop for everything you need for a fantastic trip to Paris. It’s a specially designed sightseeing package that provides you with everything you need to discover the city.


Included in Paris Pass package is:

  •       Paris Museum Pass – free entrance to over 55 of Paris’ world famous museums and monuments.
  •       Paris Attractions Pass – free entry to Paris’ best attractions including a Seine River Cruise, Musée Grévin, Tour Montparnasse and even a Wine Tasting experience!
  •       Paris Visite Pass – free unlimited travel on the metro, buses and RER within central Paris.
  •       Paris Bus Tour - Free Les Cars Rouge hop-on-hop-off bus tour of Paris, every Paris Pass comes with an unlimited use ticket valid for 2 consecutive days.
  •       120+ page Guidebook – a detailed guide to all of the sights and landmarks in Paris including a map and directions as well as loads of helpful tips and hints.
  • Special Offers – exclusive offers at shops and restaurants in central Paris.


Validity of Paris Pass

Paris Pass is activated the first time that you use it, but to begin using it you must first sign and date the Paris Pass, Paris Museums and Monuments Pass and the Paris Visite Travelcard. In addition you must write the serial number of the Paris Visite Travelcard on the ticket that is passed through the ticket machine. The card and ticket must be kept together at all times and both must be shown in the case of inspection.

After activation Paris Pass remains valid for the duration that you have purchased. It is valid on consecutive days and at the end of the validity period, will no longer entitle you to free entry at attractions or transport. If for example, you used a four day pass for the first time on Monday, your pass will cease working at the end of Thursday, regardless of how often you have used it in between.

It is important to note that a ‘day’ is based on a calendar day, so should you use your pass at 4pm on Monday, Monday is counted as day one of your pass usage. The Paris Museum Pass part of your package can be used for multiple entries to the attractions which are part of that for the duration of your pass. The Paris Pass attractions may only be visited once.

State Museums in Paris are free to visitors from EU countries under the age of 26. Visitors claiming free entry in this manner will need to queue for a ticket and have ID to prove their age and nationality. Remember: Paris Pass holders get the luxury of skipping the lines!

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