Open Garden Days

Every year in the third weekend of June the Amsterdam Open Garden Days are held. Some thirty most private canal gardens will be open to the public.

The gardens, hidden behind the stately facades and canals of Amsterdam, are true oases of peace and greenery. Many of them designed by renowned architects. If one looks behind the impressive canal side homes one steps into a completely different world.


Once a year, about thirty private Amsterdam gardens open to the public. In addition, as the only way to get to the gardens is through the house, when visiting the selected gardens you have a chance to feel the atmosphere of the adjoining houses. The Open Garden Days exist now for twenty years. Each year different Amsterdam citizens participate with their houses and gardens, opening them to the public. Usually the event has also a special theme like Garden Designs - by modern Dutch garden designers (in 2007). All the proceeds of this event go to a good cause, usually being a restoration of some public garden.

Venues are changed every year. However, each year the garden of the Museum van Loon is one of the presented gardens, you may always get more information about The Open Garden Days at this museum.

If you are in Amsterdam  in the third weekend of June every year (Friday until Sunday), do not miss this opportunity to see the beautiful gardens and to meet friendly people who live in Amsterdam canal centre.

Your pass-partout grants you access to all the participating gardens and is valid for 3 days. The passe-partout states all garden addresses with a short description. All gardens can be reached by foot. But it's also possible to take boat to some of the venues.

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