Netherland Gaudeamus Festival

Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Gaudeamus Music Week) is the internationally celebrated annual festival for young composers and new music.

As from 2011 the festival will take place in Utrecht. Besides being a festival, Gaudeamus Muziekweek wants to establish itself as a platform and an accelerator for developments within contemporary music. So, expect a lot of exciting concerts. In tradional as well as new, unexpected settings. At well-known as well as surprising locations.


The Gaudeamus Prize, currently € 4,550, is a commission for a new ensemble work. This commissioned work is generally performed during the following Gaudeamus Music Week. At present the International Gaudeamus Music Week primarily focuses on composers younger than thirty, and is thus a unique international event for the introduction of new music by talented young composers.

In 2008 the Gaudeamus Foundation merged with several other Dutch music organisations into Music Center the Netherlands. Since 2011 the Gaudeamus Music Week is an independent organisation based in the city of Utrecht and is realised with the support of the Music Center the Netherlands among others.

Gaudeamus Muziekweek History

The annual International Gaudeamus Music Week focuses on music by young composers. Although the first Gaudeamus Music Week, staged shortly after World War II, was devoted to Dutch composers, the Music Week was soon open to composers worldwide. Each year new works by composers are presented, with emphasis on composers younger than 35 years.

Until 1977 the Music Week included an open composers competition, with scores selected by a jury comprised of internationally reputed composers. From 1977 until 1983 this competition was limited to scores qualifying for annually established categories.

In 1984 the composers competition was reinstated, with the prizes now limited to a single Gaudeamus Prize. In 1988 the maximum eligible age was lowered to 30 years. Until 1999 an additional feature of the Music Week was the performance of works by established composers.

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