National Parks in Germany

Germany in Europe is popular all across the world for different national parks located here. These national parks are home to numerous flora and fauna.

The visitors can pay visit to the national parks in Germany and spend some quality time with friends and relatives in the lap of nature.

The national parks in Germany aim at preserving some engendered species of flora and fauna. In these national parks of Germany you can admire the greeneries all around you or you can sit and enjoy birds chirping with your beloved.

One of the most famous national parks of Germany is the Harz national park. This park is popular for fauna like spruce forest, meadows, moorland and fabulous deciduous forests. Some animals can also be found here. Some of the animals include the dipper, black stork, lynx and peregrine falcon.

Another national park of Germany that is worth visiting is the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, Germany. The trees of the park with their numerous hollows and are home to a large number of animals and birds. Some of the popular species of the park includes black stork, the rare wild cat, different species of bat and many other animals. In this park the there is a wide range of activities for the visitors like guided tours, walks and cycle tours.

The Jasmund National Park, Germany is another celebrated national parks located in Germany. You can see some different species of endangered animals and plants in this park including the house martin, which can be found in the chalk reefs, and the extraordinary sea eagle. It is the perfect place to have some relaxation with friends and family after hectic schedule of daily life. The park provides full entertainment to the adults as well as children with its multi vision cinema and adventurous activities like biking and climbing. The National Park also offers guided tours to its visitors regularly.

The National Parks in Germany are the important tourists attraction of the city. Locals as well as tourists love to pay a visit to this national park during vacations. But while on a trip to national park the visitors should not make noise or pluck leaves.

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