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Tennis in Munich - The Olympic Park tennis court

Tennis as a sport has a special place in the heart of the Germans. The country has given numerous legends in the sports; Boris Becker and Steffi Graf being the best of the lot.

Germany is considered to be the powerhouse of tennis and for a period Germany used to dominate the Tennis circuit. The country has won the prestigious Davis cup and also has Gold medal from the Olympics. The popularity of tennis in Germany has percolated to the basics of the society and the administration has rendered its full support in promoting the sport to its best. Tennis is the most favored sport of Munich. The city provides the best developed infrastructure for the sport with state of the art Tennis courts and other amenities. Tennis in Munich is truly developed with time and is now even a part of tourism in the country. The sport has deep roots in the life of the Germans and is among the top three popular sports of the country.

BMW Open tennis tournament

The city plays host to some of the most renowned international tournaments, one if which being the BMW Open clay court tennis tournament played at the Iphitos club. It’s the best way to catch a glimpse of your favorite players in the ATP circuit in action in Munich. The tournament has always been attracting a popular and sizable amount of crowd that has been entertained with some great Tennis action. Other popular Tennis tournament in the city is the Bavarian International Tennis Championships which too has been attracting the pros from the international circuit.

Munich offers an incredible 200 indoor and outdoor odd Tennis courts spread in and around Munich. The Olympic Park, Olympic Tennis Court is one of them that offer public tennis courts. The arena holds a total of 14 sand courts, including a centre with a capacity of 500 spectators.

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