Munich Rock Museum

Munich Rock Museum

In cooperation with the Olympic Park GmbH Munich, the highest Rock Museum in the world is built on the viewing platform of the Olympic Tower, opened since 2004. Rock museum visited up to one million visitors a year going to be able enjoy the view over Munich.

As you can already tell by the name Rock Museum, the exhibition consists of items from the world of Rock & Pop, extraordinary pieces that Herbert Hauke has been collecting ever since he was young. Rock and Pop music is the soundtrack to the lives of whole generations. Every item in the exhibits is connected with special memories and emotions.

You can find these, for example, in signed guitars of Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Sting, Queen and others, as well as in Golden Records, clothing of famous musicians, rare records, concert tickets, unreleased pictures and original letters from famous artists, autographs and much more.

Musicians memorabilia

The list of memorabilia could be continued endlessly. At the moment the collection holds about 3000 items and is growing constantly. Among them are worldwide unique pieces, which have already drawn the attention of collectors in the USA and Great Britain.

Rock and Pop-Memorabilia have a high prestige worldwide. The media keeps reporting of spectacular auctions. Many items represent a piece of history and their own kind of art.

The Rock Museum Munich will present these collector items in the right and by the same token entertaining way. Not one single item will be degraded as a pure piece of decoration and hang shyly on a wall. Plans are made about cars that are crashing through walls, highlighted stage costumes on facsimile star dolls, flying guitars, holograms and much more.

The Rock Museum is the exhibition area very often because of having so many items. For insiders, a catalogue with further information will be created. Special exhibitions based on themes (celebrating an anniversary or birthdays of stars etc.) are possibilities. The exhibition is updated continuously and also covers memorabilia of momentary youth idols. The museum is not only interesting for „old“ folks, but probably attract people between 14 and 64.

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