Monuments near the Rome

The area around the city of Rome has lots to offer for furthering your knowledge of this complex city. Knowledge that can range from archeology, art and wine-making.

Ostia Antica

Ostia Antica was founded in the 4th century B.C. For a long time it was Rome’s only river port: once upon a time, the Tiber ended its course in this very town, whose name actually means “mouth”, before flowing into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ostia was a cosmopolitan city and essential from a military and commercial point of view. There were various temples dedicated to the various “foreign” divinities that were uncovered during archeological digs. Ostia Antica was rediscovered fairly recently in historical terms: digs began around 1800 and are still continuing today. Piazza delle Corporazioni, with its floors entirely made up of mosaics, and that was once home to the offices of the “trade representatives” of ancient times, is an interesting site to see. From the steps of the Theater, that is still used during the summer season for shows, there is a wonderful view of the area.


Tivoli (about 20 km from Rome), which was used by the Romans as a holiday resort in ancient times too, is famous for its magnificent villas. One of the most spectacular is Villa Adriana that became the residence of the Emperor Hadrian when he retired from political life. This is the place where Hadrian wanted to recreate the wonders of the world that he had seen during his travels. For this reason, spread out over the one hundred hectares of parkland, there are groups of buildings that remind us of Greek constructions, such as the reproduction of the Athens Academia and Egyptian buildings such as the reproduction of the city of Canopus.

Another Villa of great artistic interest is Villa d'Este, the residence of Cardinal Ippolito d'Este. It is famous for the amazing amount of fountains and waterfalls built using the principle of connecting tubs, vases and grottoes inside the park, which totals 35.000 square meters.


Lying amongst the Colli Albani and Colli Tuscolani hills, there is an area that groups together about 15 villages and towns full of history, which make up the area known as the "Castelli Romani".
We have chosen one of these towns, perhaps the most well-known and popular with visitors: Frascati, about 20 km from Rome. Famous for its wonderful villas and above all for the wine, usually white, that is produced in this area.

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