Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is the greatest F1 driver in history, he has broken the world records for most wins and most championship points in Formula One auto racing.

Schumacher was born January 3, 1969 in Hurth, Germany. His father Rolf managed a go-kart track there and "Schumey," as he is known, got his start driving go-karts at age four. Unlike many elite drivers, Schumacher did not come from a wealthy family to back his career. Instead, he capitalized on what he had - access to a track. The Schumacher's lived meagerly, and winter was the worst time for them—there was not a huge call for go-karts in the winter. When Schumacher hit his first major payday at age twentyone, he gave his father a suitcase of money. Despite his humble beginnings, Schumacher lives with his wife, Corinna, and their two children in Vufflens-le-Chateau, Switzerland. He earns roughly $80 million per year and travels to races in his private jet. Schumacher's younger brother, Ralf, is also an elite F1 driver for the Williams-BMW team.

Like many European racing drivers, Schumacher got his start on the go-kart circuits there. He was German junior go-kart champion in 1984 and European Kart champion in 1987. After graduating to the Formula Three (F3) league, he was German F3 champion in 1990. He got his first chance to race F1 that year as an alternate for the Jordan team. Jailed for punching a London cabbie, Jordan driver Bertrand Gachot was unable to make it to the track, and Schumacher filled in. Schumacher made his debut in the Belgium Grand Prix, qualifying in seventh position. After just one race and a legal battle, the Benetton team wrested Schumacher away from Jordan.

Schumacher won his first race back in Belgium, and finished third overall in his first year in F1, an amazing start for a rookie. He won the 1994 world championship by a single point after a controversial collision with Damon Hill in the final race. He took the title more legitimately in 1995. In 1996, he joined the Italian Ferrari team, which had not won a world championship in two decades.

The Seven Time Formula One World Champion

Michael Schumacher made a name in Formula 1 racing for his astonishingly smooth driving style and control on race track. Formula 1 Schumacher events become a memorable watch for the way he handles the curves in those tension filled moments. However, he confessed in an interview that driving on wet tracks makes him feel uneasy, given the fact that he crashed under such conditions twice in his career. His third world championship win took place in Italy, the homeland of Ferrari. It was an absolutely emotional win for Formula 1 Schumacher. He repeated the success again in 2001. In 2001 and 2002 he made a number of records and broke several others. He smashed the record of Alan Prost and finished in top three positions in all races of 2002, which was another record.

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