Marc Chagall Museum

Sitting on the hill of Cimiez in Nice, the Museum National Marc Chagall possesses the largest collection of works brought together in a permanent exhibition space.

It is thanks to the artist himself and his wife Valentina, who made a gift to the state of many works including 17 large format paintings inspired by the Bible, that such a collection was able to be brought together. Built at the initiative of André Malraux to house the gift, the museum also contains two works created by Marc Chagall to be incorporated into the building’s architecture: the stained glass windows in the concert hall and the mosaic overlooking the water feature.

Visit some of Marc Chagall's most famous work including 'Le Message Biblique' his biblical collection. This is a stunning Museum dedicated to one of the most progressive artists of our time has some fantastic pieces set is the most beautiful surroundings. The mozaic outside the Museum and the stained glass room are not to be missed. The Russian artist made France his home and died here in 1985 of a suspected heart attack at the age of 97.

You won't find another gallery with his work on display is such a lovely setting, the Musee National Marc Chagall is a real tribute to the artist and well worth a visit. The museum has free parking on site however, if you wish to take a bus from the centre of Nice, bus no.22 will take you straight to the museum.

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