Lyon Cinema

Lyon is the birth town where the Lumière brothers grew up, studied and eventually went on to invent cinema and film.

For several years, spurred on by Bertrand Tavernier and the Institut Lumière, the city has been cultivating the cinematography industry with great care, by adding more cinematic events and film festivals.

The Lumière Family: being the eldest sons of a renowned 19th century Lyon photographer, Antoine Lumière, brothers August and Louis grew up in an atmosphere of creativity and research. Although initially focusing on the work of their father, it was only natural for them to proceed with their own experimentation, which led them to developing photographic procedures of their own.

Their research led them to work in very varied fields, such as medicine, physics and acoustics and in 1894, Antoine asked his sons to take an interest in animated images in which foreign researchers, such as Thomas Edison, were already developing.

By 1895, the Lumière Brothers filed a patent for the “cinematographe” and with the first movie camera they created the film entitled “la sortie de l’usine Lumière” (workers leaving the Lumière factory). The film was shown in Paris the same year and the brothers were quickly recognised as the inventors of cinema. Discover the history of cinema and the Lumière brothers at the Institut Lumière.

Rhone-Alpes Cinema

The Rhône-Alpes region ranks as France’s 2nd most popular location for film shooting. With its 50 000 km² of natural landscapes, the region regularly appears in films by some of the greatest directors such as Claude Berri, Jean Becker and Bertrand Tavernier among others.

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