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In this part of Europe, Ljubljana is one of the most important centres of theatre, particularly its progressive, innovative and thought-provoking strands.

Featured artists' distinctive approaches often break down the language barriers.

Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana

The Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana (shorter SNG Drama Ljubljana) is one of the nine professional repertoire theatres in Slovenia and at the same time the oldest of the three theatres founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Being the major drama theatre in Slovenia, the theatre's repertoire includes contemporary, classical, and experimental drama works of Slovene and foreign playwrights.

With its formal status as a national statutory institution, SNG Drama Ljubljana has been declared heir to the noble tradition of the Slovene Dramatic Society which staged the first performance in the Slovene language in the premises of the Ljubljana Reading Society on 24 October 1867. This Society subsequently became the Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana and was renamed the National Theatre in Ljubljana in 1892. It acquired its current name Slovene National Theatre (SNG) Ljubljana - Drama after World War II.
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Ljubljana city theatre - MGL

The theatre stages mostly modern drama, including those by contemporary Slovenian writers. The Mestno gledališÄŤe ljubljansko (MGL) - the Ljubljana City Theatre - was founded in 1949 by the City of Ljubljana as the second drama theatre in Ljubljana. It began operating on a small, modest stage with a group of enthusiastic actors and students from the Academy of Dramatic Arts. Over the years, however, it expanded into a modern theatre company, which today includes 35 permanent and more than 40 guest actors. 

During each season, which lasts from September until June, the MGL stages up to 8 new productions, of which 6 are given on the veliki oder (large stage), two in the Mala scena (the studio theatre), and 3-4 are corpductions with non-government institutions. It is situated at Copova ulica, which is the shopping street near to the Preseren square and Hotel Slon.
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Theater for Children and Youth - GOML Theatre

Although it is a relatively new theatre, the Theatre for Children and Youth is still the only professional theatre for children in Slovenia. It shows the best Slovenian stories and fairytales, mainly dedicated to children and youth. The theatre boasts some of the best Slovenian actors and producers, generating constant invitations from foreign theatres and winning numerous awards for their good work. Although most of the plays are performed in Slovenian language, the theatre hosts foreign plays as well, mostly at biennale festive time. As well as for children, Theatre for Children and Youth performs also for adults (mostly comedies). This theatre mainly shows plays for children and young people, in Slovenian language, it also hosts foreign plays mostly during the biennale festival.
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Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre was established in 1948, shaped by various developments in Slovene puppetry during the first half of the 20th century. Quite soon it found its own mode of expression, and since the UNIMA international puppetry festival in Bucharest in 1958, it has toured more than 80 cities in 30 countries and received many awards. Its repertory programme encompasses the classical puppetry tradition as well as contemporary forms. The theatre works with domestic as well as with international authors, and is open to young as well as established writers. The cashier opens Monday to Friday from 16:00 till 18:00 and on Saturday from 10:00 till 12:00, then one hour prior to every performance. Every two years, the Puppet theatre hosts the International Puppet festival (biennale 2006, 2008, 2010) which is a lot of fun for both adults and children.
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Ljubljana Dance Theatre

During two decades of creative activities, over 70 full-length dance-theatre productions and productions for children have been staged and several of them have won awards. Since 1991 PTL has organised five international Video/Film Dance Festivals, and in 1993 it presented three premiere performances in the Cultural Capital of Europe festivities in Belgium. Nowadays PTL functions as an umbrella production house to several choreographers with very different modes of aesthetic expression, and regularly premieres new productions  or shows for children. It offers regular contemporary dance education programmes (Dancelab) and collaborates internationally in joint productions with guest choreographers and overseas dance festivals. A new festival called Ukrep is being planned. This is a small theatre situated in a modern building near to the city centre in the neighbourhood of Prule. It hosts performances of dance groups from Slovenia and abroad.
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The House of Children and Arts

Hisa otrok LjubljanaTheatre for children by children. The house of children is full of their creations and brimming with positive energy. With puppet making, theatrical performances, painting, sculpture and music, The House of Children is the place to go and to reveal your child's creativity. Programs are adjusted for differing ages, though they are offered to everybody from 2 years of age and older. Older kids and students can try out the theatre, while adults can take courses in traditional folk arts like bobbin-work or learn to draw and paint. The house is open regularly during the school year, but does performances and various indoor or outdoor activities also during the school holidays, mostly through the weekends. In the house birthday parties for children can be organized as well. For details and programs check their web page or use the following contact information.
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There is a second, small stage of the Puppet theatre "Kulturnica" which is situated at Zidovska steza 1, opposite the Bikofe cafe next to thebookshop Behemot. It has great acoustics and hosts a few puppet performances, mostly with miniature puppets.
Zidovska steza 1

Sentjakobsko Theatre

Established in 1921, the Šentjakob Theatre is one of the oldest public cultural associations in Ljubljana. During the 1920s it presented an avant-garde and contemporary programme under the direction of Milan Skrbinšek, who staged all of Ivan Cankar's dramatic works. In 1932 it acquired new premises at the Mestni dom below Castle Hill (where Ljubljana Puppet Theatre is currently based). From 1946 through to 1964 Šentjakob Theatre was a semi-professional theatre house with regular stage productions and 12 paid actors. Housed in the same building as the Puppet theater, but the entrance is from the side.
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