Ljubljana Graphic Biennial

The Ljubljana International Biennial of Graphic Arts, founded in 1955, is the largest and one of the most acclaimed events of its kind in the world.

Over its more than 50-year history it has received overwhelming response from artists, experts and the public alike. The central theme of the 29th edition of the Biennial is the art event as the most privileged medium of contemporary visual arts. Fine art institutions, whose purpose used to be showcasing static works of art in the past, are now frequent venues for art events of a variety of different types.


The exhibition will present the energy and vitality of the medium of the art event in contemporary art. A selection of art events will be presented in four different groups based on topics that are typical for contemporary art: violence, generosity, emptiness, and the search for the sacred and ritualistic. These topics were explicitly selected, among other reasons, because the events that thematize them also meet the requirement that they are not something new, neither in terms of their artistic iconographic motifs nor in terms of actual human or social practice. Events in which we can partake with impunity in violence, in “shamanistic” violence to oneself, in Dionysian or absurdist ritual, or in the establishment of an idyllic communitas that shares a common meal are, indeed, activities that, one might say, have been practiced and even depicted for millennia. The cross-section of contemporary art events presented at the exhibition will thus be able to serve as a comparison with similar topoi, practices, and phenomena in other fields, as well as from human history. And this comparison, in particular, could help us as we attempt to come to a stronger theoretical understanding of the art event as a medium of expression and as the functional apparatus of institutions of contemporary art.

Art events are gaining outstanding recognition and popularity with audiences and media alike, and famous graphic artists are becoming cult personalities whose works are fetching high prices on the market. Art events have thus become the most efficient medium of communication with art audiences. International Centre of Graphic Arts (Mednarodni graficni likovni center), Cankarjev dom cultural and congress centre and other venues.

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