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Getting around in Krakow is pretty easy,  city has a fairly dense public transport system which consists of tramways and bus lines and a suburbanites commute by local trains.

Krakow has no metro system it does have an integrated bus and tram system which runs from 05:00-23:00, with night buses continuing after that. Get tickets from the handy ticket machines at major tram stops or onboard newer trams (there is an English-language option), or from the driver (immediately on boarding in older trams where only the single trip ticket is available). Alternatively keep an eye out for 'SprzedaĹĽ biletów MPK' signs in kiosk windows.

A 15-minute ticket allowing for changing lines costs two zloty, it's 30-minutes equivalent is 2.8 zloties, an hourly one 3.6 zloty, and 90-minute ticket has been priced at 5.2 zlotyt. The prices of unlimited-travel passes for all municipal buses and streetcars have been set at 12 zloty for a 24-hour ticket, at 20 zloty for a 48-hour one, and at 28 zloties for a 72-hour pass, while a seven-day unlimited-travel ticket costs 38 zloties. Tickets are valid for the stated period starting with their first punching on a bus or a tram.


Minibuses run by independent companies don't accept the municipal tickets, the fare - usually two zlotys - to be paid to the driver on boarding.

The tram network comprehensively serves the city and suburbs, and is relatively efficient. Trams start around 5am and finish around 11pm, and are generally on time, if sometimes a little overcrowded. There is also a network of buses running during the same time, as well as throughout the night. Buses also suffer from overcrowding - be sure to keep your valuables safe if this is the case.

It is never a pleasant experience to be caught by one of the ticket inspectors, if you forget to validate your ticket. Currently, fines are approximately 100 PLN and most expats have experienced 'the accompanied walk to the ATM' to pay their fine. Tickets can be bought at the kiosks dotted around the city or on the tram/bus for an extra 0.50 PLN.

Krakow tram & bus lines maps:

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