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There is a good selection of nightclubs in Krakow so it shouldn't be too difficult to find somewhere to dance the night away that suits your particular taste.

A lot of clubs in Poland play Hip Hop; which is very popular amongst the Poles; however there are plenty of clubs in Krakow that play the kind of music you are used to at home. The dress code for clubbing in Krakow is generally relaxed but you shouldn't wear sports gear. Generally, tourists will have no problems getting into clubs as long as they are not drunk because the clubs think you will spend lots of money! Sometimes, you just won't get into a particular club even though you are well dressed and sober, don't worry if this happens, just move onto the next club.

Clubs which have been recommended by Krakow visitors: Cien Klub (quite posh with a slant for techno, small dance floor, plenty of tourists), Prozak (3 dancefloors, basement style), Alchemia in Kazimierz, B-side bar in Kazimierz, Kitsch (the only club open until the early morning so after 4am everyone goes there), Diva, Harem, Shakers, Frantic, Il Blanco, Ministerstwo, Base Music Club, Rdza, Goraczka (always crowded), Respect (Hip Hop), Midgard & Baccarat (looks like Dracula's Castle).

Krakow Bars and other

There are over a hundred pubs and bars in the vicinity of the Krakow Market Square alone, most in the cellars of historic buildings, each with its own intimate character and atmosphere. Many of the establishments are devoted to live music as well. Jazz clubs include: Klinika 35 Blues Club, Harris Piano Jazz Bar, Jazz Club U Muniaka, Pod Jaszczurami Club, Kornet Jazz Club, U Louisa, Rotunda Orlik Club and Piec Arts Club. Popular places to drink, eat, and enjoy, are situated also in the nearby Kazimierz quarter.

Friday and Saturday nights are the high points of the entertainment week. Live entertainment fits all tastes. Jazz remains very popular and there is no lack of places for fans of rock, modern pop, ballads, including classical music. A number of restaurants in the centre of Krakow can seat more than 100.

Thanks to their proximity to each other, Krakow's watering holes are ideal for bar hopping. Many locals and tourists have spent nights partying from the Old Town all the way to Vistula River at the end of Kazimierz. Most bars fall in the Old Town and Kazimierz districts. In the warmer months, Krakow's nightlife moves outdoors into hundreds of sidewalk cafes and beer gardens. When winter comes around, it moves underground into cellars all around the city.

Many tourists, both from Poland and abroad, never leave the Old Town Square at night. If you want to party with tourists, that's a great spot. Meanwhile, many of the locals have moved the party to Kazimierz and new bars are popping up there every month. Walk down Szeroka or head over to Plac Nowy, it's wall-to-wall bars.

A few recommendations in Kazimierz:

  • Propaganda, ul. Miodowa 20. A tongue-in-cheek preservation of Warsaw Pact-era ambiance, posters, and drinks.
  • Singer, a former sewing factory featuring actual sewing machine tables.
  • Le Scandale, Plac Nowy. A huge selection of drinks with a great atmosphere.
  • Alchemia, Plac Nowy. Very popular, and the original Plac Nowy spot.
  • Eszeweria, Jozefa. Great music, decor, and Pilsner in a bottle for just 5PLN!
  • Stajna, Ulica Meiselsa. A whiff of gone times inside, a lively beergarden outside, and a lot of slacking students

A couple of recommendations near the Old Town:

  • Cafe Art, Rynek Glowny 23. Decorated with bits of old church organ, they specialize in cocktails; try the Kamikaze or Mad Dog or...
  • Nowy Kuzyn, Maly Rynek. Typical underground Polish bar with good darts machine and nice people.
  • Pauza, Florianska 18/3 - A long-time trendy bar in the centre of Krakow, popular with students!
  • Paparazzi - Mikolajska 9 - Best cocktails in town. A cozy place with a lot of pictures of known people and great atmosphere.
  • Harris Piano Jazz Bar - A packed underground jazz bar with great music
  • Razzy Dazzy Jazz Club, Tomasza 11A. Club with live jazz music.
  • Still, Golebia 8. Club with lots of locals always willing to chat and drink. Wide selection of Polish vodkas.
  • Alter Ego, Florianska street, wide selection of reasonably priced Polish vodkas.

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