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As Poland’s cultural capital, it’s natural that Krakow would have a thriving live music scene with all sort of music, but also many places to drink, eat, and stay late into the night.

Krakow boasts a lively club scene. The party goes on week long, but – no doubts about it – the Friday and Saturday nights tend to be hottest in the city's countless nightspots. As elsewhere, on weekends Krakow’s young professionals, expats, students, and visitors mingle happily in crowds that pack bars, discotheques, cafes, and restaurants in vogue at the moment. Loyal patrons happen but most club-goers wander from place to place.

Local clubs are not large, few can seat more than 100. Recorded music is the staple, with live performances two or three nights a week. The biggest concentration of varied nightspots is in the central Old Town historic district, followed by the nearby Kazimierz area, though some best clubs may be found also in other parts of the city. Also, the Krakow nightlife may disappoint fans of go-go dancers, striptease, lap dancing, and similar entertainment as it is currently out of fashion here and even karaoke upstages flesh in the city's clubs. Also, there are hangouts for the fans of rock, modern pop, ballads, hip-hop, etc. The roots music, inspired by varied traditions of this part of Europe, has a niche of its own. Seniors, too, have their places of choice to enjoy themselves with immortal evergreens. 

Though for the longest time jazz ruled in Krakow, now it’s just as common to catch frequent rock acts, as well as some great local and touring indie bands. If jazz is your thing though, bars like Stary Port and Jazz Rock Café (both great for live classic rock acts as well), or Harris Piano Jazz Bar and Art Club Cieplarnia are likely to have a jazz band almost every night of the week. If rock is more your flavour, you can catch the bigger Polish and some international acts playing student venues like Rotunda and Studio, and in the summer there are frequent stadium shows in fields and even free concerts on a giant stage on the Market Square. But you can catch Depeche Mode or Myslovitz anywhere ­ we recommend going to smaller clubs and catching some locals while in town. Club RE might not have frequent concerts, but the bands are usually quality when they do, plus their patio is great for a summer beer outside. In Kazimierz, newcomers Kawiarnia Naukowa and B-Side Club both tend to play good indie rock acts from all over Poland. And as just about every bar in town has a stage, chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised with a live performance just about any time of the year.

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