Krakow Engineering Museum

The Municipal Engineering Museum is located in the buildings of the oldest horse-drawn and electric tramway depot in Poland from the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

It is one of the newest additions to Krakow’s family of museums, established by the Municipality of Krakow in 1998. The basic mission of the museum is to collect, process, documents and display artefacts of the technology, industry and municipal engineering. The collections include objects associated with municipal engineering, the history of public transport in Krakow, the development of the Polish automobile industry, and industry and craftsmanship.

Presently, the permanent expositions present the oldest vehicles of Krakow's public transit system, including a horse-drawn tram (1882), a reproduction of a Cracovian horse-drawn omnibus, electric trams and maintenance vehicles, machines and accessories showcasing the rich history of printing in Krakow, as well as one of the largest collections of Polish automobiles and motorcycles in the country. The museum contains four sets of exhibits. “The History of the Polish Auto Industry" - a collection of motorcycles and passenger automobiles produced between 1936 and 2009; “ Krakows Printing from the fifteenth to the twentieth century” - demonstrating the history of printing and bookbinding equipment from the nineteenth to the twentieth centuries and depicting the Krakows printing industry. The exhibit “Trams on WawrzyĹ„ca” in the hall of the historical tram depot presents the history of tramcars, which also run on the streets of Krakow during the season. The interactive exhibit "Around the Wheel" - assembles 35 physics models, whose aim is to teach through play by creating experiences at the various hands-on stands. It is a source of broad knowledge about the origins and uses of the wheel in human activities.

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