Krakow Communism Tour

Discover the embodiment of the former communist state, the Nowa Huta district - "Stalin’s gift to Krakow", in style.

You will be taken on a journey back in time, as you are whisked around the Nowa Huta district in these geniune communist bloc Trabants!

If you want your stag party to be the centre of attention from the moment you arrive in Krakow, then look no further than our Communist bus airport transfer. Locals won’t believe that this old banger is still working, and we’ll add to the 1970s Polish timewarp vibe by laying on Communist treats like vodka and pickles for the journey to Krakow. Best of all you’ll be greeted at the airport by Communist citizens in original workers’ outfits, and a folk style Communist band will serenade your stag the entire way! Brilliant and bizarre!

Nowa Huta was built as the model socialist city, entirely planned out as a model way of life under socialism. It even came equipped with its own steel works and housing for the working population. Ironically it was Nowa Huta that was one of the centers of dissent during the collapse of socialism and the eventual withdrawal of Russia from.

During this in-depth guided tour you will be shown a window into the past of what life was like under the communist system. Our guides will entertain and inform you with anecdotes and stories about life behind the iron curtain. You will travel in style in the working families Trabant or Polski Fiat 125. A visit to an apartment still modeled as it was, during communist times is included, before we stop and relax in a classically styled communist restaurant.

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