Hiking in Slovakia

Slovakia offers rich opportunities for touring - from challenging hiking in the High Tatras mountains to a simple walk in the beautiful forest.

You can choose from a wide range of options - High Tatras, Low Tatras, Rohace, Greater and Lesser Fatra, Slovak Paradise, Pieniny, etc. Slovakia’s highest peak is a majestic Gerlachovsky Peak (2655 m) in the High Tatras. The other attractive peaks in the High Tatras are the national symbol of Slovakia Krivan or Lomnicky peak. In the Low Tatras, hikers should not miss Dumbier and Chopok peaks. In Lesser Fatra Rozsutce, in Greater Fatra Borišov, Ostredok or Krizna and so on.

Slovakia is a mountainous country and the hiking tourists really have many opportunities to satisfy their needs. Practically, through the whole territory of Slovakia there is trail called Cesta hrdinov SNP (The trail of the Slovak National Uprising heroes), which begins in the Dukla Pass, and leads to Bratislava. The most remarkable is probably the ridge from the Kralova Hola in the Low Tatras through Certovica, Dumbier and Chopok, to Donovaly and then into the Great Fatra mountains to Krizna, Ostredok and then into Mala Fatra.

Hiking Opportunities in Slovakia

  • Easy 1 day trips - Less demanding hikes in the forest and alpine terrain require athletic shoes and clothing, jacket, raincoat, backpack, food and drink.
  • Moderate 1 day hikes - Such tours require footwear with vibram soles, backpack, sweater, jacket, raincoat, food and drink.
  • Difficult 1 day tours - Demanding hikes in the mountain terrain (Gerlachovsky Peak, Lomnicky Peak, Vysoka, Ice Peak) require hiking boots with vibram soles, spare clothes, sweater, jacket, hat, long pants, food and drink.
  • Multi-day alpine crossing - Transitions through valleys, saddles and ridges of Slovak mountains with the possibility of overnight stays in mountain chalets. Such tours require a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, gas cooker, cooking vessels, food and drink, rain coats, vibram boots.


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