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Contemporary art lovers will find what they are looking for in Schleifmühlgasse, Vienna’s new modern art hotspot. Galleries like Kargl, Engholm Engelhorn and Senn have all set up shop in this area, a stone’s throw from the flea market, where cognoscenti can still find true treasures.

Vienna's Old Town is also home to numerous contemporary art galleries. Steinek has Gudrun Kampl and Matthias Herrmann under contract. Ulysses represents stars such as sculptors Joannis Avramidis and Bruno Gironcoli, and sells splatter paintings by Hermann Nitsch and overpaintings by Arnulf Rainer.

The gallery Bäckerstrasse4 offers Young Art: artists who are still being educated or have just finished are given the opportunity to exhibit their works here. Selected by a professional jury, the pieces are shown four times a year. The gallery Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art (MAM) shows renowned artists of Austrian or international repute, specifically from Spain. The gallery owner Grita Insam specialises in contemporary and conceptual art. Her gallery was the launching pad for such international stars as Laurie Anderson and Cindy Sherman.

Furniture, antique clocks, paintings and crafts from the 18th and early 19th century can be found at the art dealer Stephan Andréewitch on Stallburggasse. The paintings offered by the gallery are primarily miniatures from the Biedermeier period, classical landscape paintings, and works by the old masters. Porcelain vases, candlesticks and "Zwischengoldglas" - glasses with gold leaf between two glass layers - from the Baroque to the Biedermeier periods round off the collection.

Galerie Engholm Engelhorn

focuses on the exchange of young Austrian and international artists that work with a strong conceptual approach in different media.
4., Schleifmühlgasse 3

Galerie Steinek

Program emphases: Expanded Photographic Practice, Contextual Painting, New-Object Art and Video installation.
4., Eschenbachgasse 4

Galerie Ulysses

Representatives of the Austrian avant-garde of the fifties and sixties.
1., Opernring 21

Galerie Gabriele Senn

For the younger generation of artists this gallery provides easy access to insightful exchanges and networking opportunities within the complex international art scene.
4., Schleifmühlgasse 1a

Galerie Georg Kargl

Gallery is not only focused on continuous exhibition activities but also on positioning and placing contemporary artists, whose significance is reflected in present-day international discourse.
4., Schleifmühlgasse 5

Bel Etage Kunsthandel

An exceptionally wide-ranging selection of first-class Viennese Jugendstil furniture and art objects in his gallery located in the centre of Vienna.
1., Mahlerstrasse 15


Platform for young artists.
1., Bäckerstraße 4

Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art (MAM)

Modern gallery with it's exhibitions, fairs and events.
1., Weihburggasse 26

Galerie Grita Insam

The gallery program is focused on conceptual art including performances, sound installations, film and video works.
1., An der Hülben 3

Kunsthandel Stephan Andréewitch

Specialized in furniture, antique clocks including Laterndluhrs and Dachluhrs, paintings and decorative arts from the 18th & early 19th century.
1., Stallburggasse 2

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