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Discover the pearls of the Cote d'Azur in one day - Nice, Antibes, Cannes, St Paul, Eze and a bit of Monaco.

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Fort Carre - Antibes

This defensive building was once a circular tower dating back to 1550 on the site of the Saint-Laurent Chapel. Its construction was perfected under Vauban's command and adapted to the evolution of fire-arms and military siege techniques. Today, the Fort is classified as an historic monument.

Abbaye de Lerins - Cannes

Founded in 410 A.D. by Saint Honorat, this monastery was a landmark for Christianity in the west throughout the 5th and 6th centuries. The Abbey's influence covered a considerable area of the mainland. After undergoing looting and destruction, it was rebuilt in 1869 and has since been home to a community of Cistercian monks.You can visit the church, museum and fortified monastery. Accommodation, spiritual retreats and facilities for prayer.

Chappele Notre Dame - La Brigue

The chapel is the site of a legendary pilgrimage. It's set on a tiny clearing in a thickly forested valley, and there's a mountain stream just below. A remarkable collection of wall frescos in a 12th century shrine, entirely decorated by the Italian masters Canavesio and Baleison in 1492.

Citadelle Saint-Elme

To protect the County of Nice from invaders, the Duke of Savoy had the Citadel built in the 16th century, together with the satellite fortresses of Mont-Alban and Saint-Hospice, and the port of La Darse where the galleys were moored. These constructions entrusted to Italian engineers were fore-runners of a new type of bastion fortification. Today, this remarkable complex accommodates the Town Hall, the Volti, Goetz-Boumeester Museums and the Roux Collection.

Notre Dame De Laghet - La Trinite

Still attracts pilgrims from all over the region, from Provence to Italy. Crowned by a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in gold-leaf, this Italian baroque-style church dates back to 1656. The museum in the cloister contains very precious ex-votos, preserved since the 19th century.4Accommodation provided by the Benedictine nuns for those seeking spiritual nourishment.

Russian Orthodox Cathedral - Nice

The Saint-Nicolas Cathedral was built in 1912 by a Russian architect, thanks to the Tsar Nicholas II, and is the largest orthodox religious building to have been built outside Russia. From a religious point of view, this claim is considered by the local noble Russian community as unlawful, since the cathedral belongs to the Orthodox Church of Constantinople and therefore has nothing to do with the Church of Moscow.

Les Arenes de Cimiez - Nice

Cimiez is one of Nice's most desirable neighbourhoods and has been a status address ever since the Romans built the city of Cremenelum on its slopes. What remains of this settlement are the public baths (thermes) and the amphitheatre (arenes) where the Romans held their games. The worn white stones overgrown with vegetation are an evocative reminder of Nice's earliest residents. At the heart of a splendid olive grove, every year the Arènes de Cimiez host the Nice Jazz Festival.

Ephrussi de Rothschild

All the atmosphere of the Riviera is to be found in this enchanting site overlooking the quayside of Villefranche and Baie des Fourmis. Built by Baroness Ephrussi de Rothschild during the "Belle Epoque", this architectural "folly" was inspired by the great renaissance residences of Venice and Florence. Its seven different gardens are alone worth a visit : Spanish, Florentine, Japanese, Provençal, oriental, exotic and classic French.

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