Frankfurts Nizza Garden

Frankfurt's Nizza Garden is magnificent mediterranean landscape in the heart of Germany with its specials - tropical plants like figs, bananas, oranges and palms

The site of the current park was originally occupied by the “small Main” with a romantic Main island. It was the development of a railway on the riverbank between Westhafen and Osthafen that led to the creation of a garden. City gardener Sebastian Rinz (1782-1861) deserves thanks for preventing the filled-up Mainarm from being turned into a storage space for building materials in 1858. According to his vision, the Wallanlagen, which were Frankfurt’s first green spaces, were to end here at the Main in a small public park by the river. Initially, his ideas could not be implemented. However, in 1832 a restaurant called the “Mainlust” was opened, and its garden terrace, decorated with beautiful sycamores, became one of Frankfurt’s most popular attractions.

The park was given the name Nizza only after its redesign around 1875 by one of Sebastian Rinz’s grandchildren, Andreas Weber (1832-1901). The quay wall contains a likeness of the garden director. He brought exotic plants to the Main for the first time, many of which were stored in a greenhouse during the winter. The addition of the double staircases and the Grindbrunnen Pavilion on the site of what is now the Nizza Café and rows of sycamores extending to the river also helped determine the park’s character.


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