Emil Zatopek

Emil Zatopek was born in Czechoslovakia in 1922. At the age of 16 he went to work in a factory. At the time he had no interest in running but on one occasion was picked out to join a race.

Despite his protestations that he was unfit, he was forced to the race and ended up coming second out of 100. This started his interest in running and within four years he was representing Czechoslovakia. The second world war and German occupation of Czechoslovakia meant he lost the best years of his career, but in 1948, he became a household name winning the 10 Km in the austerity London Olympics. He also finished second in the 5Km.

On 29 September 1951, the Zatopek ran 20 kilometres in one hour and broke four world records in one breathtaking race. By the end of 1953 he held eight world running records - the only man in history to hold so many records at the same time. He was the first many to run 20 Km in less than an hour. In total he set 18 world records.

1952 Helsinki Olympics

In 1952, Emil Zatopek achieved one of the greatest Olympic feats of all time - something that will probably never be reproduced. He won gold in the 5Km, 10km and then at the last moment decided to run his first ever marathon winning by over 2 minutes. This triple gold remains an unprecedented achievement. The amazing feature of this Olympics was that 2 months before the Olympics, doctors advised him not to race because of an infected gland. Needless to say, Zatopek ignored the doctors' advice.

Emil Zatopek Running Style

Emil Zatopek threw everything into his running and this was reflected in his agonising facial expressions. His running style was often criticised for being gangly, inefficient and unattractive, but Zatopek retorted you don't win any prizes for looks in a running race. He ignored his critics and retained his unique style throughout his career.

Emil Zatopek Principles

Emil Zatopek was a great Czech hero. He was also an important member of the Czech Communist party. But, he wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Before the Helsinki games in 1952, Zatopek protested at the exclusion of fellow athlete, Stains Jungwirth because his father was a political prisoner. Initially the Communist party refused to let either Jungwirth or Zatopek go the games. But, eventually they caved in and allowed both to go. It was an achievement that very few people other than Zatopek could have pulled off.

In the Prague spring of 1968, Zatopek spoke out for the democratic wing who were calling for greater change and freedom from the Kremlin. Zatopek had tremendous loyalty for Alexander Dubcek, the leader of the democratic wing and opposed the Russian invasion. When the revolution failed, Zatopek was punished by being removed as colonel in the army and was sent to work in an uranium mine - a fate he accepted for his willingness to speak out against the authorities.

As well as being a great runner, Emil was legendary for his generous heart and good nature. The great Australian runner Ron Clarke had achieved many spectacular achievement in athletics, but, an Olympic gold had always eluded him. When Ron Clarke went to visit Zatopek, Zatopek accompanied him to the airport. At the last moment, Zatopek thrust something into his hand. Clarke thought it might be some secret document, but, when he got on the plane he was shocked to see an Olympic gold medal with a note from Zatopek saying simply 'Because you deserve it'.

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