Cross Culture Festival

The Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival presents the most interesting phenomena within the field of world music and culture. It is one of the biggest events in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

The first edition of the Festival took place in 2005; more than 120 artists and bands from more than 45 countries have participated in the Festival so far.


The Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival hosts ethnic music concerts, film screenings and theatre performances, events for kids, discussion panels and music workshops. The Festival aims to expose and open its visitors to the abundance and diversity of the world’s cultures, as well as the co-existence of distinct traditions. The 2010 edition of the Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival will in particular present the world music scene.

Warsaw’s Cross-Culture Festival, inaugurated by the authorities of Poland’s capital city in 2005 and organized since its inception by Stoleczna Estrada, is a presentation of the most interesting phenomena in the fields of world music and culture and one of the biggest events of this kind both in Poland and in our part of Europe. During the six years of its existence the Festival has become a fixture on the cultural map of Warsaw, it has built up its character, gained prestige and found its own, faithful audience. So far, more than 130 individual artists and groups from over 48 countries have performed at the Festival.

The chief goal and mission of the Festival is to familiarise Warsaw’s inhabitants and guests with the richness of the modern world’s cultures. The Festival wants to be what Warsaw itself and the entire modern world are: a place that is increasingly open and sensitive to cultural and artistic diversity, even more interested in others and even more interesting to others. It wants to constantly search and develop itself.

A journey into the depths of the most intriguing musical territories will be enriched by musical workshops, characteristic of the festival and conducted by world-renowned maestros, screenings of documentaries, an exhibition and a special offer for children.

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