Bratislava restaurants

Almost any restaurant you choose, especially in Old Town, will probably provide a decent meal at an attractive price.

Atmosphere and decoration tends to be pleasant, but it is wise to notice such things as loud music and cigarette smoke before you are seated. The biggest disappointments tend to come in the area of service, which is occasionally slower or less attentive than in most western European countries.

Bratislava Burgess Brewery

Newly opened Bratislava Burgess Brewery in Drevena Street follows an old tradition of the famous Burgess Brewery, "Die Bürgerliche Brauerei", called the Burgher by residents. Nice beer was brewed there and the adjacent brewery restaurant was well-known for its domestic cuisine.

L' Olive Restaurant

L' Olive Restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of Bratislava. Stylish and cozy restaurant is located in historic building dated back to the 13th century welcoming the Guests with eye catching foyer, live olive tree, hand painted glass ceiling and original decorations from 19th century.

Pod Bastou

Restaurant Pod Baštou is situated on Bastova street, one of Bratislava´s most picturesque and romantic streets. Formerly called "Zwingergasse" and then "Katova", the city's executioner and his family lived at number seven. Although there are many modern buildings the street somehow retains it´s medievel feel, the atmosphere enhanced by cobble - stone and gas lamps, and of course St.Michaels Tower with it's low sloping windows.

Presburg Restaurant

The restaurant Prešburg combines traditional regional food with latest trends and customs. The restaurant can be found in one of the nicest locations of Bratislava's Old Town. The stylish interior will transport you to the 19th century and the many contemporary photos from the times will show you Bratislava the way it once used to be. The menu is just as cosmopolitan as Bratislava itself, and while taking inspiration from Austrian, Hungarian and Czech cuisine it is Slovak cuisine that is the centre of attention.

Restaurant Avance

Taste the specialities or the traditional food served in pleasant atmosphere of the hotel luxury restaurant. Kind personnel and rich menu. You have unique oppportunity to taste specialities of international cuisine made from selected surovín first class quality. Rich offer of slovak, austrian, hungarian or vegetarian cuisine will please every visitor who would like to savour great food in nice enviroment.

Restaurant Koliba-Expo

Traditionally wooden cottage is sensible located into the surroundings area and you find here not only unique atmospfere of the traditional Slovak wooden cottage with big fireplace and opened majolica barbecue located in the restaurant indoor, but also suitable accomodation just only a bit far from the centre of Bratislava in the mountains of the area Male Karpaty.

Sladovna - House of beer

Good things in life are really worthwhile. If we want enjoy them to the full - we should do our utmost. This is also the reason, why we have opened Bratislava's beer bastion - the Malthouse. This is now situated in the Sedlárska street 1, in the newly restored burgher-house.

Slovak Pub

The 1. Slovak Pub has, in its short history, become one of the favorite spots for college students. The first, and probably the only pub in the world, where you can get a free soup for an A on an exam. The concept of the Slovak Pub is to present Slovak history and things authentically Slovak at one place. Its individual rooms present eras ranging from the old pagan times up until the revival era of the 19th century.

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