Beaches Near Lisbon

The Lisbon district and the nearby Arrabida area have some of the finest beaches in the country and some of the most deserted.

It is incredible that just 15 minutes from the center of town you find lovely Portuguese Beaches with great swimming, surfing, lovely restaurants, yachting, water sports.Lisbon is a wonderful vacation package - great for a full two week vacation, combining days on the beach with the delights of the cultural capital of Portugal. From February to October the weather in Lisbon is usually warm enough for some sun bathing and swimming.

Beaches West of Lisbon

From Cais Sodre station take a train to the lovely beaches at Caxias, Oeiras, Carcavelos and Cascais. Lisboetas usually go out on warm weekends at any time of year. It is not unusual to find people sunbathing in February, the climate is so good here, mild winters and gentle summers. We recommend the beaches at Caxias, Santa Amaro and Carcavelos but there are so many to choose from. The great thing about Caxias and Santa Amaro is that they are so near the station. Carcavelos is the largest beach in the area and in a lovely bay.

In all of these areas there are great restaurants, beach bars and plenty of activities. At Carcavelos there is a lively nightlife atmosphere, a focus for young people throughout the Summer.


Going North from Cascais is Sintra, The beautiful town and nature reseve area which has some fine beaches of it's own. Some are very wild and empty.

Praia das Macas and Azenhas do Mar Have cafes and bars.Das Macas (Apples Beach)is a great place to swim and has some cheap hostels.Azenhas is a spectacular sight perched high above the ocean.You can take a bus or a scenic train part of the way to the coast from Sintra but a car is best. The seafood restaurants at Azenhas do Mar are famous and have a well deserved reputation and there's music at night. A spot for some coastal Lisbon romance.Praia da Adraga nearby is a spectacular beach and has great caves. Ericeira is a town further north with a lovely beach and fantastic seafood restaurants.

Estoril, Cascais & Guincho

Estoril-Cascais is another area just outside Lisbon. Estoril is impressive for its setting. Once the home of the very rich.King Juan Carlos of Spain was brought up here. It still has some grandeur, a Casino with international Cabaret, Five star hotels, Expensive restaurants. It is very much itself, if you want an upmarket resort here it is with no surprises. Cascais has developed a lot recently and has too many new buildings. Too many samey tourist restaurants and it is too expensive. But the Cascais area has surprises.

Outside town there are great Portuguese Beaches, we are facing West now. Guincho is vast the best surfing beach of the area. Fantastic waves crash into vast sands. Above, near the parking areas are restaurants. Very old fashioned. Very strange. One overlooking the bay boasts of its connections to minor royalty and the Dimbleby family !There is internet here and competition for window seats with great sea views. Near by is Boca de Inferno a formation of rocks that causes the sea to crash into shore with a terrifying intensity. Hence the name - Mouth of Hell. Worth a visit.


Oeiras is the nearest beach area to Lisbon. Completely neglected by tourists, a fantastic place to explore, wonderful beaches, historic buildings, delightful semi-tropical parks and great restaurants.

Just 15 minutes from Cais Sodre is the first great Lisbon-Oeiras beach at Caxias. What could be better - a morning by the sea, a stroll under the palms, a meal in a wonderful seafood restaurant. An evening glass of wine in a beach bar under the stars.Restaurant tip - Dom Carlos in a glass paneled building at the far end of Caxias village has a nice ambiance and does great fish at reasonable prices.

Next to Caxias is the fishing village of Paco do Arcos where well off Lisboetas head off on Sundays for seafood in restaurants like Casa do Decima and Astrolobe with chic ambience.


The beach is 10 minutes from the station, walking past the vast St Julian's English school grounds.The wide sweep of the bay is really impressive, hard to believe we are so near the center of Lisbon.There are pizza restaurants, sushi bars, a tasteful kareoke haunt and beach bars offering snacks and full meals. Very popular with a young fun loving crowd, day and night.

Caparica Arrabida

South of Lisbon is the wonderful Costa da Caparica. A vast area of Portuguese Beaches to suit all tastes. Miles and miles of golden sands with areas separated for Families, Surfers, Nudism, Gay and Lesbian.A train from Caparica town takes you to the zone you prefer. Just follow the crowd you resonate with ! Gay and Nudist areas are right at the end of the line. Praia do Castelo no 11 on the train has a nice fish restaurant near the beach and is good for families.


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