Amsterdam Tangomagia

Tangomagia, International festival for Argentine Tango, Amsterdam's well-known international festival for Argentine tango placed In the festive period between Christmas and New Year.

Amsterdam becomes the capital of Argentine Tango for five days and nights each year. World-famous tangueros and tangueras from Buenos Aires, Europe and all over the world come to town to perform at the festival.


Tangomagia means: tradition and avant-garde; chemistry and surprises; intimacy and inspiration; a platform where new talents and celebreties go hand-in-hand. It offers workshops for all levels, performances by world famous Argentine maestros, tango music by international DJ's and orchestras, nightly salons in majestic locations, and a daily tango café.


During Tangomagia festival, Amsterdam will transform into 'Buenos Aires on the Amstel'. Visitors from over 35 countries will be inspired to dance, share, discover new relationships, meet old friends, be delighted and inspired. A 'MagiaMarathon' is also organized within the festival.

Science Park is the meeting place for entrepreneurs, scientists and students in the field of IT and the Life Sciences. This inspirational location houses the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, inernational research institutes, the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Sciences and a wide range of companies. USC, the university center for dance and sports, opened its doors mid 2010. This is the brand new location built in inspiring architecture where the workshops of Tangomagia will take place from 2010 on.

A location that features a special festive and intimate atmosphere is Hotel Arena, an over 100 year old former orphanage, re-styled into one of Amsterdam's cultural hot-spots, where our guests can stay for a reduced price; a location where our daily tango café will take place, as well as one of the festival's salons.

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