Amsterdam Churches

There are many beautiful and well-preserved churches to be found in Amsterdam. Below are listed a selection of Amsterdam churches which are well worth a visit.

Amsterdam churches are worth a visit, as they are not only interesting historical buildings, but also fascinating monuments of art and architecture.

Westerkerk (West Church)

With its tower crowned by a blue orb and crown and gilded weathercock and rising to a height of 85 metres / 276 feet above the city, this magnificent 17th-century Renaissance church is one of the city's most important landmarks and is where Queen Beatrix was married in 1966, and reputedly the site of Rembrandt's grave. Energetic visitors may climb the steps of the tower to see the carillon, and marvel at the breathtaking views afforded over the Amsterdam skyline.
Prinsengracht 279-281

Noorderkerk (North Church)

The 17th-century Roman Catholic church was completed in 1623 and designed in the shape of a broad Greek cross. The design which was unusual at the time, later became common for Protestant churches throughout the country.
Noordermarkt 44-48

Zuiderkerk (South Church)

This attractive 17th-century church, designed by Hendrick de Keyser, was the first Protestant church in The Netherlands. The Zuiderkerk's tower ranks among the finest towers in Amsterdam and is nearly 80 metres / 262 feet high. Climbing to the top of the tower gives visitors a panoramic view over the city. No longer used as a church Zuiderkerk now houses an exhibition on town planning.
Zuiderkerkhof 72

Oude Kerk (Old Church)

Dating from the early 13th century and dedicated to St. Nicholas, Amsterdam's patron saint, this is Amsterdam's oldest church. Many of Amsterdam's most famous people are buried here. Nowadays concerts are often held in the church and the carillon can be heard chiming daily.

St. Nicolaaskerk (Church of St. Nicholas)

The Sint Nicolaaskerk is a Roman Catholic church in the centre of Amsterdam. The architect, Adrianus Bleijs (1842-1912) designed the church basing himself on a combination of several revival styles of which Neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance are the most prominent models. The facade is crowned by two towers with a rose window in between.

Nieuwe Kerk

Originally built in the 14th century, this old church was at the time a second parish church of Amsterdam, along with Oude Kerk. Now the Nieuwe Kerk is the most important church of the Netherlands, because since 1814, all Dutch monarchs have been crowned here. Many important exhibitions and musical concerts also take place in the Nieuwe Kerk.

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