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Paris is a great place to spend the Christmas holidays or the New Year Eve - what better place to start your celebration than the Notre Dame Cathedral where is the 20 meter Christmas tree.

Christmas in Paris is essentially a holiday season for families and friends. Beautified all over with appealing fineries, Paris gives other destinations of the world a tough competition with its exotic look and feel. In this city of lights, the tree-fringed Champs-Elysees and Eiffel Tower receive huge crowds for their sparkling decorations. The Rue Montorgueil, Rue Mouffetard and Galeries Lafayette are the other attractions. Great spectacle is created at the Notre Dame Cathedral as well. Those who are religiously inclined visit the cathedral to see Christmas tree.

Other than these, Paris Christmas Market is an attractive bet. In this outdoor village, you will come across an array of wooden stalls selling culinary treats such as mulled wine and gingerbreads along with decorations and gifts. There can be rains in Paris during Christmas period. At every corner in Paris one can see an array of very beautifully decorated fir trees. Though Paris city is very romantic and has its own charm but during Christmas, Paris becomes more alluring. Christmas trees are even planted on main highways.

Here children do not hang up stockings but put their shoes outside the houses. Paris Christmas dinner comprises of oysters with small fried sausages, foie gras, sauternes and roast beef or pork or even goose / turkey depending on taste. Not to forget cakes, cheeses and wine are also served at the Christmas Eve in Paris.

Christmas Markets

Christmas markets make Paris come alive with festive cheer at this special time of year. From November to 24 December Paris streets are lined with colourful stalls, decorations and fir trees brightening up the city providing a wonderful winter spectacle. The markets spring up in a variety of places offering a great range of festive produce and presents.

The winter holiday season in the city of lights would feel degrees less cheerful and inspired without the traditional Paris Christmas markets that spring up each year. The markets, with their iconic clusters of wood chalets offering custom holiday treats like mulled wine, gingerbread, sausages and specialties from various regions of France, are an essential part of celebrating Christmas in Paris. A Christmas meal prior to midnight mass on Christmas Eve in Paris is called reveillon. Generally it comprises of raw oysters and smoked salmon. At Christmas dinner in Paris dessert is must.

Christmas Trees in Paris

The Christian Tree has its origins in medieval eastern France. According to myths, Christmas tree also symbolized the Fall of Adam. A fir tree was decorated with red apples to commemorate Garden of Eden. In late 19th Century, Parisians held the fir tree as a symbol of Christmas.

Between 27 December and 23 January, collection points will be open for old Christmas trees in 95 parks and gardens throughout Paris. Consumers need only bring their trees to the collection spot nearest them. From there, the tree will be crushed and used to enrich the soil in local parks, serving to restrict weeds and reduce evaporation. This is Paris’s fourth year of recycling Christmas trees in this way, and the program is growing rapidly.

Christmas Celebrations in Paris

Christmas in Paris is more of a family event. Hence, most families stay at home on this day and host grand feast in their apartments. During this time, Champs-Elysees is decorated with bright lights and people in large number visit this place to enjoy festive flavor. Many families used to light small cast-iron stoves with candles on the center space of the table. Log-shaped cake in the meal also forms an important part of the Christmas celebrations.

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