About Us

When you look for a website or blog site on Europe and its many points of interest you will surely be spoilt for choice. There are literally hundreds of sites that cater to various angles relevant to the continent – sports, history, economy, travel, education. You will get news, information and even trivia on such sites that cater to various topics and are specialist in specific areas. But it will be a whole new experience for you while browsing http://www.euro-poi.com for any subject related to Europe.

What is it that sets us apart from the other sites on Europe? For one, unlike most others that have focus on one specific niche, we cover Europe from every conceivable angle. On our site you will get blogs carrying in-depth insights into say, sports, travel, state of the economy, real estate or travel all categorised by subject. Very rarely will you find a site that covers the progress of Barcelona FC or Manchester United in the Championship League side by side highlighting the benefits of European tour on Eurorail.

Ours is a one stop shop on Europe and we are proud to say that we cover the continent like no other site. For example, in case of an economic recession in any country, we will not simply rely on cold statistical data to back up the blogs on the subject. Our bloggers and researchers will make an analysis of what went wrong, how the recession could have been avoided and what measures should be taken to get out of the rut. Such incisiveness in reporting events is what sets us apart from other blog sites on Europe.

However, we understand that it is not possible to do full justice to a subject as wide and far reaching as Europe with only our team of dedicated bloggers and researchers. There are so many aspects to it that only if we have a blogger writing in from all the countries can we truly cover the whole continent. To get around this limitation, we invite write-ups from dedicated bloggers who are as passionate about the many aspects of Europe as we are.

Topics can be any aspect of the continent and its many intricacies. Blogs on say French cuisine will be as welcome as news of the latest fashion creations from Milan. Write-ups on beer festivals in Germany, the UK, Belgium, Poland or The Czech Republic can easily co-exist with such serious issues as the state of the European Union after the exit of the UK.

All blogs are welcome as long as it pertains to our specific niche. Our only stipulation is that these should be original and unpublished. We will inform by email once the blogs are posted on our site.